2021 Redraft Mock Draft – August

With the 2021 NFL season just over a week away, it is now peak season for annual fantasy football league drafts. 

With that in mind, our staff writers have participated in a 2021 Redraft Mock Draft, much like we did with our Dynasty SF/TEPremium Mock Draft a few weeks back.

Scoring and format: 

  • 12 team
  • Half-point PPR
  • 1QB
  • No TE premium
  • Third Round Reversal

Pre-draft Strategy


I used the Hero Running Back Strategy for this draft. Taking advantage of a high first round pick I wanted to get one of the best backs in the league. The third round reversal doesn’t hit as hard when you are stacking wide receivers. With the league format being PPR and one quarterback this strategy capitalizes on the format extremely well. For a more in depth look at the Hero Running Back Strategy check out my article here


Heading into all of my “redraft” drafts, my strategy is typically to favor running backs early because of position scarcity. There are so few “workhorse” running backs and there are so many good wide receivers, that unless there is a WR on the board whose value I just cannot pass up in the first two-three rounds, I want to secure my running backs early to establish that positional advantage right off the bat. 

I also prefer to wait on quarterback in most 1QB formats, especially in leagues that award six-point touchdowns across the board. In four-point-passing-touchdown formats, I do think players like Kyler Murray and Lamar Jackson offer some advantage, but even still, I am fine to rely on a Kirk Cousins or Ryan Tannehill later on in order to stock up on high-upside receivers and running backs in those rounds. 


Once I knew I was picking 12th in our draft I was hopeful that one of the RB’s would fall and I could grab them, but once Taylor and Jones were off the board at 9 and 10 that wasn’t going to happen. I decided to take the zero RB approach at this point for at least the first two rounds. I really liked the idea of being able to stack two of the best WR’s in the league at 1.12 and 2.01. Worked out well with Adams and Diggs still being on the board.

Round 1

Sam – Pick 1.02 | Dalvin Cook, RB, MIN 

Cook is as close to a sure thing as there is. He is an elite back with a sky high ceiling . He is in a run first offense and going to get 20 plus touches a game. With Jefferson and Thielen keeping defenses honest Dalvin has a chance to finish as the RB 1. Touchdown regression is possible but he is still in for a monster year.

Scherber – Pick 1.06 | Ezekiel Elliott, RB, DAL

RBs went off the board early and often in the first 5 picks, and so I wanted to get in on the elite RBs before they were gone.

I elected to go Zeke instead of Barkley because I expect the Dallas O to be much much better overall, giving Zeke more opportunities for big weeks. 

Barkley also has the continued injury questions swirling around him at this point. Perhaps that changes as the preseason progresses, but at this point in August, Zeke just feels safer.

Will – Pick 1.12 | Davante Adams, WR, GB 

I was hopeful that Jones or Taylor may be available at 1.12, but after they were taken being able to grab Davante Adams and really have a secure #1 WR on the roster is an okay alternative to securing a bell cow running back. 

Round 2

Will – Pick 2.01 | Stefon Diggs, WR, BUF 

I thought about taking Ekeler or Mixon here, but thought I could get good value in the 3rd and 4th at RB. Stefon Diggs has produced extremely well in Buffalo with Josh Allen. Let’s keep that WR train rolling.

Scherber – Pick 2.07 | Najee Harris, RB, PIT 

I went with Najee Harris here because he represents the last running back on the board, in my opinion, who will have big time volume as a true workhorse in 2021. Receiver is so deep this year that I wanted to go RB/RB right off the bat. 

Sam – Pick 2.11 | Justin Jefferson, WR, MIN 

Jefferson has a chance to be one of the greats. Looking to build off a historical rookie season his ceiling is WR1. The Vikings offense is run first but has shown that it can support high end wide receivers consistently. The upside was too great too pass on knowing the draft has a third round reversal coming up. I also wasn’t planning to stack Cook and Jefferson but the talent and production is just too great to pass on.

Round 3

Will – Pick 3.01 | J.K. Dobbins, RB, BAL 

JK Dobbins is going to produce when he gets the ball. I love him at this spot and needed a RB anyway. I almost took David Montgomery instead here, but Dobbins might be a bit safer.

Post-draft edit: This draft was completed prior to J.K. Dobbins getting injured. Looking back at the results I easily could have taken David Montgomery at 3.01 instead and been happy with the look of my team. I also could have done a more traditional zero RB approach and drafted Kittle or Terry McLaurin here.

Scherber – Pick 3.06 | Keenan Allen, WR, LAC 

Keenan Allen is someone I’m targeting very highly in all redraft leagues. His volume is going to be *chef’s kiss* Pass happy team with Hebert leading the way, and Allen is by far the top target there with Ekeler and a bunch of deep ball targets clearing space out for him to coast his way to 100+ receptions in 2021.

Sam – Pick 3.11 | Amari Cooper, WR, DAL 

Amari has been a beast whenever Dak has been healthy. I am drafting him with the assumption that Dak will play a full year. Last year In the 4 full games Cooper played with Dak he was targeted 51 times for 37 receptions 401 yards receiving and one touchdown. At pick 35 and wide receiver 10 off the board he could be a top five wide receiver. I also considered Mike Evan and CeeDee Lamb here.

Round 4

Sam – Pick 4.02 | CeeDee Lamb, WR, DAL 

I stacked CeeDee with Amari, in hindsight this may not be the best decision but the talent of Lamb is incredible. The Dallas offense will be able to support two elite wide receivers. The sophomore season for Lamb should see him take another step forward as a wide receiver. Mike Evans was strongly considered here but the re-signing of Antonio Brown, the decline in yards receiving, and the expected touchdown regression this year tipped the scales to CeeDee for me.

Scherber – Pick 4.06 | Kyler Murray, QB, ARI 

I normally like to wait on QB in 1QB leagues, but the prospect of getting Murray is too good to pass up. His rushing gives me a distinct positional advantage against most teams I will face all season, and with the WR position so deep, I decided to take the plunge at QB. Murray has worts as a real life passer, but in fantasy his PPG numbers are among the best all time.

Will – Pick 4.12 | Myles Gaskin, RB, MIA 

Myles Gaskins is super underrated in my opinion. Miami had plenty of chances to replace him and chose not to. Really good redraft spot for him this year.

Round 5

Will – Pick 5.01 | Robert Woods, WR, LAR 

Robert Woods is going to be a really fun player to watch with an actual QB. He produced well when Jared Goff was tossing him the ball, can’t wait to see the production when Matthew Stafford is throwing lasers.

Scherber – Pick 5.07 | Mike Davis, RB, ATL 

Mike Davis is not someone I want in dynasty necessarily, but I think he has a big year in ATL, who has a ton of first round picks invested in their offense over the years. Davis’ athletic profile is massively underrated and I think 1200 yards rushing and double digit TDs is somewhat likely for him if healthy.

Sam – Pick 5.11 | Diontae Johnson, WR, PIT 

Being able to grab Diontae here felt like a steal. I am really high on his ability. I see him as the clear number one in the Pittsburgh offense with an expected increase in his receptions and yards receiving this year he could enter top 10 territory. With this pick I gave completed my run on wide receivers following the Hero Running Back Strategy and I love my team so far.

Round 6

Sam – Pick 6.02 | Russell Wilson, QB, SEA

I was really excited to see Javonte Williams making his way back to me, right up until he went at 6.01. I was so damn close to getting a running back I felt should have gone at least a round earlier. I didn’t like any other running back left at that price and stuck to my strategy and went with Wilson. A perennial top 10 quarterback with a huge upside I was happy to grab him here.

Scherber – Pick 6.06 | Chase Claypool, WR, PIT 

I’m beginning to like Claypool the most out of the Steelers WRs this year (and longterm). Juju is strictly a slot guy, Johnson is also a short ADOT guy, and it’s clear now that Claypool is their big play and TD receiver. I think he’s a special talent. With Najee in town now, I think the play action game becomes more viable and Claypool will get plenty of opportunity to make big plays all year.

Will – Pick 6.12 | Raheem Mostert, RB, SF 

Raheem Mostert should still get plenty of chances in an improved San Francisco offense. His biggest problem has been staying on the field and im hopeful that can change this year. Being able to grab him as my third RB will be beneficial. If hes healthy, could be a good flex player. 

Round 7

Will – Pick 7.01 | Jerry Jeudy, WR, DEN 

Jerry Jeudy has all of the talent in the world. He just needs someone to consistently get him the ball and hopefully he can show that talent. I like him as my WR4/Flex play.

Scherber – Pick 7.07 | Noah Fant, TE, DEN 

I took Fant here even though, at this point, I would have been fine to wait longer at TE. He represented the best value in my eyes because I don’t like the RBs in this range and the WRs are still relatively deep. Fant has to contend with Jeudy and Sutton for targets, and the QB situation isn’t great. In hindsight, I wished I would’ve take a WR at 7.07 and gone for a guy like Higbee much later.

Sam – Pick 7.11 | David Johnson, RB, HOU 

Johnson is not someone I want to count on but when he plays he puts up points. In a revamped Houston offense he will get touches. His receiving ability is a huge plus.

Round 8

Sam – Pick 8.02 | Kenyan Drake, RB, LVR

Drake here felt like good value as well as a safety valve for Johnson. I see him being utilized enough in the Raiders offense to be a top 20 running back. I wouldn’t be shocked if he has 70+ receptions in a Kas Vegas offense that has no proven receiving option outside of Waller.

Scherber – Pick 8.06 | DeVonta Smith, WR, PHI 

Who else is going to catch passes for Philly (aside from Goedert). I don’t expect Philly to be much of a running team besides Hurts and so Smith will get his opportunities. His savvy route running and ability to separate despite his skinny frame should make him a decent WR3 even this season.

Will – Pick 8.12 | Michael Carter, RB, NYJ 

NY Jets will be an interesting spot for RB’s this year. After going out and drafting Michael Carter in the 4th round of the 2021 draft it looks like might get a shot at being a big contributor in that offense. Worth it at this point in the draft. 

Round 9

Will – Pick 9.01 | Robert Tonyan, TE, GB 

Tonyan was an absolute beast in the GB offense last year. I think hes a great value pick here and should be an easy weekly starter.

Scherber – Pick 9.07 | Jarvis Landry, WR, CLE 

Landry had a weird year last year, but he’s typically one of the most dependable WRs and annually underrated especially in redraft. Who knows what will happen with OBJ at any given time? As a WR4, I’ll happily take Landry’s typical 80/1000/6 line.

Sam – Pick 9.11 | Logan Thomas, TE, WAS 

Thomas had a breakout year and tet he falls to being the 11th tight end taken. I couldn’t be happier to have him fall to me. In the Rivera offense tight ends are heavily utilized. The addition of Curtis Samuel may take some targets away but Thomas is still going to see at least 100 targets this year, something that can be said for only a handful of tight ends.

Round 10

Sam – Pick 10.02 | Michael Pittman Jr., WR, IND 

Pittman Jr. should step into the role of the number one receiving option for the Colts. His big game in last year’s playoffs shows he can be a go to guy. The upside at this point is worth the investment.

Scherber – Pick 10.06 | Gus Edwards, RB, BAL 

As my RB4, I love Gus the Bus’s safe floor. Baltimore will run it all day and Gus will be a great bye week fill in if needed or if injuries occur.

Post-draft edit: In the 10th round, I was tempted to take Marvin Jones, a preseason favorite of mine, but Gus was just too valuable to pass tere even before Dobbins got hurt. I don’t like to cheer for injuries (not to mention I have more shares of Dobbins than Edwards in my real-life leagues), but the Dobbins news should give Edwards a change to have a great season.

Will – Pick 10.12 | Elijah Moore, WR, NYJ 

Elijah Moore is getting a lot of hype in NY since being drafted. I don’t always believe in that hype, but think he has a great chance at being the WR1 for the Jets this year.

Round 11

Will – Pick 11.01 | Matt Ryan, QB, ATL 

Needing a QB, this seemed like a good time to fill the spot. There were a few teams that may have plucked him before it came back to me and really wanted to sure up the position. Ryan has been a big fantasy player for awhile now, don’t see that changing in 2021. 

Scherber – Pick 11.07 | Marvin Jones, WR, JAX 

Marvin Jones has averaged 110 targets per season (excluding his rookie year and 2014 when he was hurt). He’s also had 4 separate seasons of 9-10 TDs, and he is the only WR who the current Jags regime has acquired. I think he has a chance to be the WR1 in Jacksonville this year.

Sam – Pick 11.11 | DeVante Parker, WR, MIA  

Parker developed good chemistry with Tua in their  time together last season and that showed in his stats. Waddle will be a great addition but shouldn’t eat into Parker’s targets much. Parker will still be the WR1 for the Dolphins. The development of Tua should lead to a better year for DeVante this year.

Round 12

Sam – Pick 12.02 | Phillip Lindsay, RB, HOU

I have Lindsay as a sleeper this year. I like Johnson but don’t think he will make it a full year. When he breaks down Lindsay will take over the majority of touches in Houston’s backfield.

Scherber – Pick 12.06 | Nelson Agholor, WR, NE 

Nelson Agholor is a great fit in New England, coming off a nice season for the Raiders. He will be the Pats main threat down the field, and regardless of whether it’s Cam or Mac throwing the ball, Agholor will have some big games for New England.

Will – Pick 12.12 | J.D. McKissic, RB, WAS 

McKissic was an absolute beast in Ppr formats last year. I am not 100 percent sure what his role will be in 2021, but I do believe he will get the ball and produce when he gets the chances. Good player to have for byes or flex option. 

Round 13

Will – Pick 13.01 | Jared Cook, TE, LAC 

Jared Cook could be a very sneaky player in 2021 for redraft leagues. His ADP is pretty low, but could contribute quite a bit in that high flying offense led by Justin Herbert.

Scherber – Pick 13.07 | Jalen Reagor, WR, PHI 

Taking Reagor and Smith sort of hedges my bets and ensures I’ll have the Eagles WR1 on my team. I’m willing to sacrifice the other at this stage of the draft if it guarantees I get a good WR.

Sam – Pick 13.11 | Bryan Edwards, WR, LVR 

Rave reviews for Edwards from the Raiders and reporters. He should get ample opportunity to be successful this year. I add another team’s WR1 to the roster.

Round 14

Sam – Pick 14.02 | Devontae Booker, RB, NYG 

Booker is another one of my sleepers for the year. The uncertainty of Barkley’s return should give him early season opportunities. If Barkley gets hurt or has a setback Devontae will be a bell cow back.

Scherber – Pick 14.06 | Cole Kmet, TE, CHI 

Kmet offers some upside at TE for the Bears, as Fields loved to target his TEs in the red zone at OSU. I also don’t know if I buy Mooney as a consistent WR2 for the Bears, and so I think Kmet has the potential to take over as the second main pass catcher in Chicago.

Will – Pick 14.12 | Tua Tagovailoa, QB, MIA 

I like Tua quite a bit going into the year. Last year didn’t go quite as he had planned, but I like him in this spot to back up Matt Ryan in case of injury or bye.

Round 15

Will – Pick 15.01 | Sammy Watkins, WR, BAL 

We all know that Sammy Watkins gets a lot of hype every off season just to deliver a bit less then we hoped. I actually really like his fit in Baltimore and think this year MIGHT be that year for him to breakout.

Scherber – Pick 15.07 | Carson Wentz, QB, IND 

Everyone hates him, but I think Wentz, if healthy, will bounce back in Indy. Good running game, good OL and some decent WRs, not to mention reunited with his old coach. As my backup, I have the luxury of waiting until he comes back from injury. I think people are way too low on Wentz in all formats.

Sam – Pick 15.11 | Ben Roethlisberger, QB, PIT

Roethlisberger has three wide receivers who project to be among the top 30 at the position. Somebody has to throw them the ball.

Round 16

Sam – Pick 16.02 | Zach Ertz, TE, PHI 

Ertz is still on the Eagles which many, including myself, were not expecting. He may not be an elite option anymore but I also think that he will perform better than last year regardless of where he plays this year.

Scherber – Pick 16.06 | Joshua Kelley, RB, LAC 

Late round flyer on Kelley. I liked him coming out of UCLA, and there are carries up for grabs in that Chargers backfield. 

Will – Pick 16.12 | Anthony Firkser, TE, TEN 

Anthony Firkser is another TE that is kind of flying under the radar. He will have an opportunity in Tennessee to be the starter and replace the production Jonnu Smith.

Round 17

Will – Pick 17.01 | Allen Lazard, WR, GB 

Allen Lazard is someone I don’t mind grabbing here in the 17th round. He has plenty of talent and possibly the best QB in the league throwing him the ball. Low risk, high reward situation here. 

Scherber – Pick 17.07 | Marquez Callaway, WR, NO 

With MT out for who knows how long, reports are that Callaway has really taken to the role of the top pass catcher in New Orleans. Who knows if that will hold true once the games start, but at this point of the draft, I’ll take that chance.

Post-draft edit: I’m really getting excited about Callaway. Getting him in the second-to-last round is starting to look like a steal based on his performance in the preseasons since this mock was held.

Sam – Pick 17.11 | Tyrell Williams, WR, DET 

Williams should be the WR1 for the Lions. They will be bad and they will throw a lot.

Round 18

Sam – Pick 18.02 | Dalton Schultz, TE, DAL 

Dalton Schultz will battle with a returning Jarwin for the lead tight end spot for the Cowboys. He performed well last year when given the opportunity. In the 18th round he is worth a dart throw.

Scherber – Pick 18.06 | Kyler Granson, TE, IND 

Granson has been getting rave reviews so far this preseason, and with no other TE of note in Indy, I like the flyer in the last round here.

Will – Pick 18.12 | Dan Arnold, TE, CAR 

Once again we are in a situation where I like a TE that could be a sneaky play for the year. He signed a new deal to be the starter in Carolina. Its a good fit and could be beneficial for fantasy teams in 2021.

Final results

That wraps up the draft! Below are the final results from each team with the likely starters in bold. Below that I’ve inserted a table showing the entire draft.

QB: Ben Roethlisberger
RB: Dalvin Cook, Javonte Williams, David Johnson, Kenyan Drake, Phillip Lindsay, Devontae Booker
WR: Justin Jefferson, Amari Cooper, CeeDee Lamb, Diontae Johnson, Michael Pittman Jr., DeVante Parker, Bryan Edwards, Tyrell Williams
TE: Logan Thomas, Zach Ertz, Dalton Schultz

QB: Kyler Murray, Carson Wentz
RB: Ezekiel Elliott, Najee Harris, Mike Davis, Gus Edwards, Joshua Kelley
WR: Keenan Allen, Chase Claypool, DeVonta Smith, Jarvis Landry, Marvin Jones, Nelson Agholor, Jalen Reagor, Marquez Callaway
TE: Noah Fant, Cole Kmet, Kyler Granson

QB: Matt Ryan, Tua Tagovailoa
RB: J.K. Dobbins, Myles Gaskin, Raheem Mostert, Michael Carter, J.D. McKissic
WR: Devante Adams, Stefon Diggs, Robert Woods, Jerry Jeudy, Elijah Moore, Sammy Watkins, Allen Lazard
TE: Robert Tonyan, Jared Cook, Anthony Firkser, Dan Arnold

Team 1SamTeam 3Team 4Team 5ScherberTeam 7Team 8Team 9Team 10Team 11Will

Christian McCaffrey

Dalvin Cook

Derrick Henry

Nick Chubb

Alvin Kamara

Ezekiel Elliott

Saquon Barkley

Tyreek Hill

Jonathan Taylor

Aaron Jones

Travis Kelce

Davante Adams

Clyde Edwards-Helaire

Justin Jefferson

AJ Brown

Calvin Ridley

Patrick Mahomes

Najee Harris

Antonio Gibson

DK Metcalf

DeAndre Hopkins

Joe Mixon

Austin Ekeler

Stefon Diggs

Julio Jones

Austin Cooper

Josh Jacobs

Allen Robinson

D'Andre Swift

Keenan Allen

Terry McLaurin

Darren Waller

Chris Carson

George Kittle

David Montgomery

JK Dobbins

Josh Allen

CeeDee Lamb

Mike Evans

Darrell Henderson

Kareem Hunt

Kyler Murray

Miles Sanders

Chris Godwin

Lamar Jackson

DJ Moore

Dak Prescott

Myles Gaskin

Tyler Lockett

Diontae Johnson

Justin Herbert

Kyle Pitts

TJ Hockenson

Mike Davis

Kenny Golladay

Cooper Kupp

Mark Andrews

Travis Etienne

Adam Thielen

Robert Woods

Javonte Williams

Russell Wilson

Melvin Gordon

Ja'Marr Chase

Tee Higgins

Chase Claypool

Aaron Rodgers

Chase Edmonds

Michael Thomas

Brandon Aiyuk

Courtland Sutton

Raheem Mostert

Robby Anderson

David Johnson

Leonard Fournette

Damien Harris

DJ Chark

Noah Fant

Dallas Goedert

Ronald Jones

James Robinson

Tom Brady

Odell Beckham

Jerry Jeudy

Trey Sermon

Kenyan Drake

JuJu Smith-Schuster

Jalen Hurts

Deebo Samuel

DeVonta Smith

Zach Moss

Matthew Stafford

Tyler Boyd

Brandin Cooks

James Conner

Michael Carter

AJ Dillon

Logan Thomas

Mike Gesicki

Darnell Mooney

Antonio Brown

Jarvis Landry

Jaylen Waddle

Laviska Shenault

Mike Williams

Will Fuller

Curtis Samuel

Robert Tonyan

Marquise Brown

Michael Pittman

Corey Davis

Ryan Tannehill

Joe Burrow

Gus Edwards

Rob Gronkowski

Trevor Lawrence

Devin Singletary

Irv Smith Jr

Tony Pollard

Elijah Moore

Mecole Hardman

DeVante Parker

Kirk Cousins

Latavius Murray

Tyler Higbee

Marvin Jones

Justin Fields

Nyheim Hines

Baker Mayfield

Jamaal Williams

Michael Gallup

Matt Ryan

Russel Gage

Phillip Lindsay

Henry Ruggs

Hunter Henry

TY Hilton

Nelson Agholor

Rashod Bateman

Adam Trautman

Evan Engram

Jonnu Smith

Trey Lance

JD McKissic

Austin Hooper

Bryan Edwards

Kenneth Gainwell

Parris Campbell

Tevin Coleman

Jalen Reagor

Rondale Moore

Chuba Hubbard

Cole Beasley

Deshaun Watson

Alexander Mattison

Jared Cook

Gerald Everett

Devontae Booker

Amon-Ra St. Brown

Terrance Marshall

Tre'Quan Smith

Cole Kmet

Christian Kirk

Tarik Cohen

Jamison Crowder

John Brown

Rashaad Penny

Tua Tagovailoa

Daniel Jones

Ben Roethlisberger

Blake Jarwin

Damien Williams

Darrel Williams

Carson Wentz

James White

Breshad Perriman

Marlon Mack

AJ Green

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Sammy Watkins

Giovani Bernard

Zach Ertz

Sony Michel

Salvon Ahmed

Malcolm Brown

Joshua Kelley

Javian Hawkins

Rhamondre Stevenson

Darrynton Evans

Xavier Jones

Gabriel Davis

Anthony Firkser

Kadarius Toney

Tyrell Williams

Eric Ebron

Denzel Mims

Jakobi Meyers

Marquez Callaway

Van Jefferson

Sterling Shepard

Emmanuel Sanders

Le'Veon Bell

Pat Freiermuth

Allen Lazard

Amari Rodgers

Dalton Schultz

Marquez Valdes-Scantling

Darius Slayton

Nico Collins

Kylen Granson

Dawson Knox

OJ Howard

Dyami Brown

Hayden Hurst

Randall Cobb

Dan Arnold

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