We play a game based purely on statistics. Yet, many a person will tell you statistics can be made to say whatever you want. Many would go as far to say you can not trust them. There is a very famous quote to that affect.

“There are three types of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics.”

Let’s not get off on the wrong foot here. I am not trying to convince you of anything. The facts below are here merely for you to ponder and use as you see fit.

Some of these facts will seem like lies, which is wherein the initial quote seems to fit. I promise you they are true. What I ask of you is not to dismiss their authenticity but to question how they impact your fantasy football thinking.

Without further ado, here are my 50 football facts:

As a head coach Doug Pederson has never had a WR with 1,000 yards receiving in a season

Doug Pederson has never had a skill player with double digit touchdowns

Pederson has had a WR lead the team in receiving yards once
  • His top 2 tight ends missed 5 games or more in that season

In ‘21 Miles Sanders had 6 carries inside the 5 yard line, he had 0 touchdowns

In ‘21 Boston Scott had 12 carries inside the 5 yard line, he had 7 touchdowns

Miles Sanders has the 3rd highest ypc of active backs at 5.1 ypc

Nick Chubb has highest ypc of active backs at 5.3 ypc

Chubb also has the highest ypc after contact average of any RB in the league with 4.0 ypc

Najee Harris had the 6th most touches in a season by a rookie running back in the history of the NFL

Najee had the 8th most receptions by a rookie running back in the history of the NFL

Najee had the 16th most rushes by a rookie running back in the history of the NFL

Harris led the NFL in touches in ‘21

Najee did not fumble the ball in ‘21

50 football facts Najee Harris
Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Jonathan Taylor has the 7th most yards from scrimmage by a running back in their first 2 seasons

Taylor is 23rd all time in touches by a player in their first 2 seasons

In ‘21 Ryan Tannehill had 7 rushing attempts inside the 5 yard line, he had 7 touchdowns

In ‘21 Kyler Murray ranked 9th in the league in carries amongst quarterbacks inside the 5 yard line
  • He had 5 carries and 3 touchdowns

In ‘21 James Conner had 18 carries inside the 5 yard line, he had 10 touchdowns

Austin Ekeler was 3rd in the league in ‘21 in carries inside the 5 yard line with 16
  • He was also 3rd in the league with 9 touchdowns

On average after a running back suffers an ACL tear they play 6.5 games per season
  • Their average ypc is 2.44

J.K. Dobbins averages 9 carries, 1.5 receptions and 0.6 touchdowns per game

Gus Edwards averages 9.6 carries, 0.42 receptions, and 0.23 touchdowns per game

Lamar Jackson averages 10.6 carries and 0.36 rushing touchdowns per game

50 football facts Lamar Jackson
Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

All TE1 in ‘21 were 6’4” or taller

Every year since 2018 the number of TEs scoring 180+ fantasy points has stayed the same or increased in TE premium scoring *correction made on initial article

Since 2015 only 1 WR with 120+ targets in a season did not finish in the top 36 WR in scoring

Trevor Lawrence threw 17 interceptions in his rookie season
  • Peyton Manning threw 28
  • Matthew Stafford threw 20
  • Andrew Luck threw 18

In ‘21 Cooper Kupp led the league in targets, receptions, receiving yards, receiving touchdowns, and first downs

In ‘21 Amon St. Brown was the WR2 overall the last 6 weeks of the season

Justin Jefferson is the 6th most targeted WR in their first two seasons in the history of the NFL

Justin Jefferson has the most receiving yards of any player in their first two seasons

Allen Robinson has had 150+ targets in a season 4 times in his career

Robinson has had 100+ receptions in a season 1 time in his career

A.J. Brown is going from the NFL’s run heaviest offense to its 2nd run heaviest offense
  • The difference is 1 carry between the teams

A.J. Brown has never had more than 70 receptions in a season

50 football facts AJ Brown
Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Jaylen Waddle set the record for most receptions in a season by a rookie with 104 receptions in ‘21

Larry Fitzgerald and Terrell Owens are the only WRs to record a top 12 finish when they were older than 32

WRs who are 29 years old have the highest likelihood of finishing as a WR1

At least one rookie RB has finished in the top 12 at the position every year since 2015 except in 2019
  • Every year since 2015 at least 2 rookie running backs have finished in the top 24 at the position

5 WR finished as a top 12 WR in both ‘21 and ‘20
  • No WR finished in the top 12 in ‘21, ‘20, and ‘19

In ‘21 there were 3 WR 5’11” or shorter in the top 12
  • There were 8 in the top 24

In ‘21 there were 2 WR 6’3” or taller in the top 12
  • There were 5 in the top 24

Davante Adams has 31 100 yard games in 8 seasons
  • Tyreek Hill has 18 in 6 seasons
  • Justin Jefferson has 14 in 2 seasons

Patrick Mahomes has 31 300 yards passing games in 5 seasons
  • Justin Herbert has 17 300 yards passing games in 2 seasons

Mike Evans has had 1000+ yards receiving all 8 years of his career

Davante Adams leads the league over the last 2 years with 29 receiving touchdowns
  • Mike Evans is 2nd with 27
  • Adam Thielen is 3rd with 24

Jonathan Taylor led the league in ‘21 in rushing first downs with 107
  • Second place had 65

Rashaad Penny led the league in ‘21 in ypc at 6.29
  • The next 3 players were Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, and Jalen Hurts

Last year Jonathan Taylor had 982 yard rushing on carries when it was 1st and 10

Tom Brady led the league in passes over 25 yards with 42
  • Derek Carr and Matthew Stafford were tied for second with 41

I hope the above 50 football facts made you pause at least once. More so, I hope they caused the gears in your head to turn a little and question some of what you thought you knew. Most importantly I hope you gleaned something from this that will give you an edge in your league.

Knowledge is power. Perceptions are often wrong. Statistics are what drive this game we play.

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