Dynasty Mock Draft – April ’22 Start-Up

The NFL Draft is almost upon us, and accordingly, countless new dynasty leagues will be born on the heels of the excitement of Draft Season. The writers on staff here at Extra Point have participated in a 20-round “Start-up” mock draft.

Our collective hope in doing so is to add another data-point to consider as you look to build your teams during your upcoming drafts. You might agree or disagree with some of our selections to varying degrees, but if nothing else, our 2022 Dynasty Start-Up Mock Draft will hopefully give you a look into the mindset of our drafters so that you can use it as a starting point in deciding how you want to handle your own drafts.

Before we get into the picks, let’s hear from all five of our writers as they explain what was going through their minds in the way of strategy and planning heading into the mock:

Pre-draft Strategy

Jason – Building a team isnt easy. Going into this knowing I had the 1.01 tells me to pick the best overall set it, forget it type player and then see who falls to me. In Superflex, I usually tend to pick my two QB’s and stack RB’s unless theres a WR I can’t pass up on. Having a set strategy is a recipe for disaster, so when you get “sniped” you’ve gotta be able to adjust without hesitation selecting an asset that will produce.

Sam – I didn’t go in with a set plan for the draft. I expected to get a top QB based on draft position and then would see how things fell. I usually lean more towards a win now draft strategy because youth is often valued over production in dynasty drafts.

Ben – I rarely go into drafts with a highly specific plan in mind. Instead, I try to go with the flow during the first few rounds and let a plan fall to me. Every draft is different, so I keep an eye on the picks my opponents make and define my plan accordingly. Sometimes this produces an aggressive “win-now” approach, others offer a clear opportunity for a productive struggle strategy (which are currently suiting me well).

Andrew – I typically always try to employ the Productive Struggle method to varying degrees when I’m starting a new dynasty league. Of course, if a veteran player becomes a good bargain, I won’t shy away, but in general, my strategy in these drafts is to secure longterm assets, and worry less about filling the positional needs of my starting lineup for Year One.

Will – Prior to the draft I was contemplating do I go young and tank the first year or do I go win now mode? I ultimately decided I would change it up and go for a win now team and hopefully compete early. I tend to draft young, talented players and build from there instead of grabbing veterans that can have a more instant impact. I also decided to put Quarterback on the back burner and really focus on the RB/WR/TE positions early on.

Round 1

Jason – Pick 1.01 – Josh Allen, QB BUF

Back to back years of being the number one fantasy player in the game makes it an easy selection, a “safe pick” as they say in the business. Offseason rumblings say Allen will be on the run less, I doubt that’s going to be the case when the pads come on. Josh isn’t going to change his play style to get a first down or even pound one in as their RB1. Get the tables!!

Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Sam – Pick 1.03 – Justin Herbert, QB LAC

Herbert has emerged as a true elite QB in the league. The Chargers are an organization willing to surround him with weapons to utilize.In his first 2 seasons Herbert has shown the ability to maximize the talent of those around him

 In 2021 he finished as QB2 overall. He did this by being 2nd in passing yards with 5,014 and 3rd in passing touchdowns with 38. His ability to run the ball is also severely underrated.

Herbert is only 23 years old and is already amongst the best in the league. He is a cornerstone player in a superflex league. The only player in super flex I would currently take over him is Josh Allen.

Ben – Pick 1.05 – Joe Burrow, QB CIN

Aside from a mid-year rough patch, Burrow often looked like the next 5k/50 QB. Considering his elite offensive assets are sticking around for a few years (at least), and he’s got a front office who will assuredly get him line help…Burrow was an easy choice to lock in.

Andrew – Pick 1.09 – Lamar Jackson, QB BAL

After the top five quarterbacks, two top two receivers and Jonanthan Taylor all went off the board (as expected) in the first eight picks of the draft, Lamar Jackson became an easy and somewhat obvious pick for me at 1.09. 

I prefer to use the Productive Struggle method in new dynasty leagues, and so securing long-term studs at quarterback and receiver is high on my priority list here. Jackson represented a much higher value in Round One than any receiver available after Justin Jefferson and Ja’Marr Chase were taken. 

The real life Ravens must get Jackson signed to a long-term deal to really cement him as a really safe pick, but you don’t just let this guy become a free agent. I’m banking on Baltimore getting something done with Jackson soon.

Will – Pick 1.12 – Javonte Williams, RB DEN

This is a pretty easy pick here after Najee Harris went one pick before me. Javonte averaged 4.45 ypc last year with nearly 250 touches (including his 43 receptions). This will increase with the news that Melvin Gordon might not sign with Denver this offseason. He is a special talent and a great addition to both strategies listed above. With the addition of Russell Wilson to this team their offense could be near the top of the league in many categories. I am excited to see him play and this is the only league I have any shares of Williams!

Round 2

Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Will – Pick 2.01 – CeeDee Lamb, WR DAL

I absolutely love how this man plays the game. He is an incredible talent that makes difficult plays look easy. With Amari Cooper traded to the Cleveland Browns Lamb will benefit quite a bit. He is the bonafide #1 option for Dak Prescott in 2022 and could see a massive amount of targets. Could you argue he might be in the best position to claim #1 WR numbers in the league?

Andrew – Pick 2.04 – Kyle Pitts, TE ATL

Another pick that was easy to make based on who else was available. Pitts looks ready to assume his place in the elite tight end tier, and at his age, securing that positional advantage in a tight end premium dynasty league gives your team such an automatic advantage moving forward. 

The temptation at 2.04 was to double up and take another quarterback like Trey Lance or Trevor Lawrence right away, but Pitts represents a much better value here given the scoring premium along with Pitts’ age and outlook.

Ben – Pick 2.08 – Mark Andrews, TE BAL

I thought about Watson here, and potentially starting down a Productive Struggle strategy (assuming a suspension is looming). In doing so, I’d be playing for ‘23/’24 and beyond, looking for players with a strong trade value and prioritizing young talent who might not be unleashed this year. 

Instead of Watson, I think Andrew’s pick of Pitts and the 3rd round reversal got in my head a bit here. Instead of picking in 9, I was waiting for 12 before I’d pick again. Seeing Pitts go made me concerned about locking down one of the premium TEs. Getting one of the TEs in the top tier is a major PPG advantage which I didn’t want to miss out on. Just for reference, the difference between Andrews/Kelce and, say, Hock is somewhere around 5.5-6ppg in TE Premium. That difference is even larger from a low-end “TE1”.

Even with Hollywood and Bateman, Andrews is going to be the guy in Baltimore for at least 3 or 4 more years. This pick also directs me down a “win-now” path, looking for the players who will put me in the best position to succeed immediately, regardless of age, contract, or long-term situation

Sam – Pick 2.10 – Jalen Hurts, QB PHI

There was a lot of talk that Hurts wouldn’t be the starter in Philadelphia in 2022. The draft has yet to happen but many of those concerns have been laid to rest. Howie Roseman has said Hurts is their guy.

As a fantasy QB Hurts is a great player. He improved his passing numbers in 2021 and most importantly his accuracy. The Eagles locked up Goedert long term and drafted Devonta Smith last year. With a year under his belt as the full time starter and connections built I expect Hurts to continue his growth as a passer. 

As a runner Jalen led the league in rushing yards and rushing touchdowns by a QB in 2021 despite missing 2 games. His ability to run provides a higher floor than most QBs in the league. A young, improving top 10 QB on a team that is expected to add another WR in the draft this year was not something I could pass up late in round two. 

With 3rd round reversal I know all young high end QBs will be taken before I pick again. I have 2 of the top 10 QBs in the league both under 24 years old. I am sitting good.

Jason – Pick 2.12 – Austin Ekeler, RB LAC

This was a tough selection knowing I didn’t have back to back picks here. Getting one of the top PPR RB’s in the game who is featured heavily in an exciting offense that moves the ball seemed like the no brainer pick. There were a lot of good players to select here at this spot but I wanted my RB1 slot filled as a set it and forget it point producer.

Round 3

Will – Pick 3.01 – Joe Mixon, RB CIN

Nearly 350 touches with more than 1500 total yards. I have to admit I wasn’t big on Joe Mixon prior to 2021, but I also have to admit I was 100% wrong. He had a huge turn around year and is an amazing RB2 to have on the team. Getting two of my personal top 6 RB’s in the first three rounds is a big win here. How is this guy still only 25 years old?

Andrew – Pick 3.04 – DK Metcalf, WR SEA

Third-round-reversal almost dropped Breece Hall in my lap, and I probably would have deviated from my QB/WR-heavy strategy for Hall, but alas, he was sniped right in front of me.

Metcalf is a fine consolation prize as one of the most physically dominant offensive players in the game. One way or another he will make players, no matter which team ultimately employs him long term. Losing Russell Wilson stings, but Metcalf is such a talent that it’s easy to project him putting up numbers regardless of situation. 

I considered Jaylen Waddle, but I think Metcalf’s touchdown ability makes him safer with questions now about how Tyreek Hill will affect Waddle’s volume. Davante Adams and Stefon Diggs are both a tad older, giving Metcalf the eventual nod at 3.04.

Ben – Pick 3.08 – Dalvin Cook, RB MIN

Cook would have been a fine pick in the 2nd round, so it wasn’t hard to pick him up here. I acknowledge there’s going to be a couple weeks he’s likely to miss; as long as he’s there for me in the playoffs I’ll be happy.

I thought hard about Kelce here too. In TE Premium, Kelce would put up top 5 WR points from a flex spot for a couple years still. However, I picked Cook for two reasons: to start, he could have gone in the 2nd round, also it seems the other teams did not bite on the TE run like I did, so I still have a shot to get him in the 4th round.

Sam – Pick 3.10 – George Kittle, TE SF

Kittle returned to his usual ways in 2021 finishing as TE 4 overall. There are a lot of question marks with the 49ers roster these days. Kittle is not one of them. 

I was strongly considering running back here but I couldn’t pull the trigger at this pick with any of the backs that were left. In a real draft I would have probably looked to trade down in this spot and accumulate more picks. This is especially true after seeing how the draft unfolded later.

In spite of the hindsight I had on this pick Kittle provides great value here. At 28 he has at least 3 great years left. The tight end is kinder towards older players and Kittle has shown he is amongst the best. In tight end premium leagues he is well worth a late 3rd round pick.

Photo by RJ Sangosti/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Jason – Pick 3.12 – Russell Wilson, QB DEN

Wilson had a down year, but so did the Seahawks as a whole. One of the hardest workers in the game, has got a change of scenery. Expect him to thrive in an offense that was only missing a reliable QB. Russ has plenty of weapons around him, maybe the best he has ever had. Solidifying my QB2 spot was a priority this go around, there were a few QB’s remaining that you can actually trust in your lineups. In my eyes, Russ brings the most upside at the position at this point in the draft.

Round 4

Jason – Pick 4.01 – Alvin Kamara, RB NO

One of the most electrifying RB’s in the game falling to me at 4.01 gives me two of the best pass catching backs in the league. The majority of the fantasy community seems to be down on Alvin. Kamara finished in the top 10 at his position for 2021 and missed 4 games. This was another no brainer pick for me, selecting a set it and forget it RB that stacks fantasy points is like taking candy from a baby. It’s important to also note that he is in legal situation which may result in suspension, so there’s that.

Sam – Pick 4.03 – Diontae Johnson, WR PIT

I am a Diontae Johnson fan. He is a player I look to target in drafts in any format. This being PPR it only enhances his value.

In 2020 Johnson averaged just under 10 targets a game, in 2021 he averaged more than 10 a game. That type of volume is rare and provides him ample opportunity to score points. 

The QB situation may scare some but not me. Johnson will be the clear number 1 option for a QB who is looking for comfort. At only 25 years old Diontae hasn’t even reached his ceiling as a player.

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Ben – Pick 4.05 – Travis Kelce, TE KC

Well I’m glad I didn’t go with Kelce in the 2nd or 3rd round!…though I now see I reached for Andrews. Kelce will put up top 5 WR ppg from my flex spot though, so I’m stoked to get him in the 4th round. The ppg advantage from my flex and TE spots – combined with my taking away one elite TE from my competition – should more than make up for the slight drop in ppg from my WRs.

Andrew – Pick 4.09 – DJ Moore, WR CAR

Another young receiver goes here. Moore has been remarkably consistent to begin his career, and I’m relatively optimistic that Carolina will improve their quarterback situation moving forward. 

Moore is much safer than rookies Treylon Burks and Garrett Wilson as well as Terry McLaurin and Elijah Moore, all of whom were taken in the late-fourth through the fifth round, slightly after Moore.

Will – Pick 4.12 – Darren Waller, TE LVR

I had a difficult time with this pick. I really wanted to add another Wide Reciever here, but just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to add a top 3 Tight End. Waller had an injury filled 2021 year and is getting close to 30 years old, but he is still a high target guy that will produce well in the first couple years of the league. Just stay healthy and that Raiders offense could be pretty impressive!

Round 5

Will – Pick 5.01 – Terry McLaurin, WR WAS

First of all, I am not used to the Washington name yet. Could not think of it to save my life as I was writing this. Secondly, Terry is an excellent WR and still only 26 years old. He has played really well with poor quarterback play so far in his career and I am hopeful that continues with Carson Wentz at the helm (sorry Carson). I contemplated Chris Godwin, David Montgomery, and Elijah Moore here as well. As my WR2 I think this is still a pretty good fit and so far the team is looking pretty strong!

Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Andrew – Pick 5.04 – Chris Godwin, WR TB

Godwin was a hot name earlier this off-season before he re-upped in Tampa Bay, but his stock has cooled a bit since the news of his return. That’s fine by me. Godwin is a rock-solid WR2 tethered to Tom Brady for another season, and Godwin is still just 26 years old. 

Godwin is safer than the likes of Jerry Jeudy, Garrett Wilson or Elijah Moore here, and in that Tampa offense — which lost Antonio Brown, Ronald Jones and O.J. Howard — he has the upside to put up league-winning numbers (WR2 overall in 2020).

Ben – Pick 5.08 – Kenneth Walker III, RB Rookie

I liken Walker to Chubb; phenomenal runner, lacking in the passing game. Chubb is consistently a low-end RB1/high-end RB2 in PPR leagues, so if I can get even 90% of that production from Walker, this is a steal.

Pittman was high on my list here, as was picking up another QB. I knew I could wait on a QB considering the four teams behind me already had two each. When trying to decide between Pittman or Walker, the drop-off after Walker (and Etienne/Carter) was significant, too much to ignore.

Sam – Pick 5.10 – Michael Carter, RB NYJ

This pick was part necessity and part belief. I am higher on Carter than most.

Many are afraid that the Jets will draft another RB. I won’t be surprised if they do but that doesn’t mean Carter loses all his value. I expect Carter to get 60 percent of the touches in the backfield.

Carter fits the Jets’ scheme. He has shown his ability as a receiver. Behind the Jets’ improved line he should be better carrying the ball in 2022.

Jason – Pick 5.12 – TJ Hockenson, TE DET

It was time to start filling other positions once I had my QB and RB spots filled. Hockenson was last TE remaining in my top tier and he is heavily featured for a Detroit offense that is usually playing from behind. With that being said, T.J. should excel and may be the best fantasy TE this coming season.

Round 6

Jason – Pick 6.01 – Michael Pittman, WR IND

WR1 is finally filled, it’s been a long time coming but ladies and gentlemen.. We got him! This was actually an exciting pick to get youth and a productive talent here.

Sam – Pick 6.03 – DeVonta Smith, WR PHI

Smith was able to prove many of the doubters wrong in his rookie year. Despite his size Smith was able to win against corners in the league.

Smith is a player who should see increased targets in an improving offense. 120+ and 1000+ yards receiving is what I expect to see in 2022. 

At only 23 years old Smith is another young player with huge upside. With this pick I solidified the strategy for this draft. Bucking my usual trend in drafts I am going to look to acquire younger players with an improving outlook over the next 5 years or so.

Ben – Pick 6.05 – Mac Jones, QB NE

Trying to predict the long path back to me, I thought there might be a run on QBs from here forward and I wanted to be at the front of that run. There were a few solid QBs here; Rodgers was certainly the most likely immediate success, but I just couldn’t ignore the contract drama or the lack of receivers. 

I chose Mac because he looks like he will be a solid and consistent high-end QB2, near QB1, for a long time to come. I don’t think he’ll ever put up elite production, but the consistency should make him a very safe superflex. More than that, this allows me to take a shot on a high-risk, high-reward QB3 in later rounds. This draft is full of high-risk, high-potential guys; I’m a really big fan of Corral and Howell, though Ridder will likely be available slightly later.

Photo by Dustin Bradford/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Andrew – Pick 6.09 – Jerry Jeudy, WR DEN

I’ve been in on Jeudy since before he was drafted in 2020, and I’m sure as hell not gonna get out now that he has Russell Wilson as his quarterback in Denver. 

If Jeudy doesn’t find success this year, it will be unfortunate for me personally after I touted him so highly for years, but if it’s going to finally click for him in 2022, I’m going to make sure he’s on my team.

Will – Pick 6.12 – Derek Carr, QB LVR

And the first quarterback is on the team! There were other options here – Aaron Rodgers, Mac Jones, Zach Wilson, and Tua all drafted within the next seven draft picks. I just couldn’t help but grab the guy who had an absolute monster year in 2021. He also just added arguably the best WR in the game. Could it be possible to improve upon a year in which you put up 4804 passing yards with 23 touchdowns? I think so. (I would bet on it too!)

Round 7

Will – Pick 7.01 – Ezekiel Elliot, RB DAL

I am not a huge fan of Zeke’s going into 2022. I think he could lose more touches this year to Tony Pollard (and possibly others) in an offense that does throw the ball often. That being said, grabbing a guy who ended 2021 with over 1000 yards on the ground (4.23 ypc), 47 receptions, and was a top 10 RB in the 7th round is nearly unheard of. I love this addition as my flex/RB3 on the team and really solidifies some depth at a much needed position.

Andrew – Pick 7.04 – Kirk Cousins, QB MIN

I knew by this point I needed to grab a second starting QB before all the decent ones were off the board. Cousins is dependable and durable, so the chances that he’s a viable starter for another few years despite his age is pretty good in my opinion.

If I decide to really lean into my rebuild, he’s someone I can trade in-season for a bounty of draft picks. That’s great value here in the seventh round.

The aging WRs drafted in this stage of the draft like DeAndre Hopkins and Keenan Allen would not bring back the same trade value as Cousins would. The same holds true for RBs like Zeke Elliot and Clyde Edwards-Helaire, also drafted in this neighborhood.

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Ben – Pick 7.08 – Mike Evans, WR TB

I’m super excited to have Evans here. While he’s far from consistent, he can blow up huge on any given week and will likely end as a low WR1/high WR2. He’s one of the WRs who can be a league-winner if he goes on a tear during the playoffs, and that’s my goal.

I would have been happy with Hopkins or Keenan too for the same WR1 potential in the 7th, but chose Evans because Keenan didn’t end the season too hot, and there’s still a small question mark surrounding Nuk’s QB situation at the moment.

Sam – Pick 7.10 – Darnell Mooney, WR CHI

Part of drafting well is knowing when to take calculated risks. I have Mooney higher in my rankings then most. Knowing this, as well as looking at the makeup of the players teams had drafted so far, I gambled that I could wait on him. My gamble paid off.

Mooney is severely underrated in my opinion. He wrestled the number 1 WR role from Robinson and ran with it.

He finished with 140 targets in 2021 and could see more in 2022. Fields’ development as a passer will directly impact Mooney but I have faith he will improve.

Jason – Pick 7.12 – Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB KC

Looking back here this was probably my worst pick of the draft. But I decided to go RB heavy here again and take Clyde who plays on an exciting offense that just got rid of one of its target hogs (Tyreek Hill). Clyde’s ADP has adjusted as it should but this kid still has a ton of upside.

Round 8

Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Jason – Pick 8.01 – Leonard Fournette, RB TB

Stacking RB’s seemed like a good idea, who needs WR’s anyway.. Picking an aging back is risky business here but I’m building a roster that is prepared to win now. Another top 10 RB that produces in a high octane offense gives me plenty of options at the position that my league mates will wish they had.

Sam – Pick 8.03 – Dalton Schultz, TE DAL

Schultz may not have entered the elite tier of TEs last year but he is knocking on its door. The 25 year old Schultz was a safety blanket for Prescott.

The departure of Amari Cooper leaves 103 targets from last year unaccounted for. The likely absence of Michael Gallup to start the season will also provide more opportunities early in 2022.

Schultz is a player I was hoping to land here but fully didn’t expect to. His falling this far in a draft is surprising to me. This is the pick that really cemented for me that trading out of the 3rd round in this draft would have been the best choice if possible.

Ben – Pick 8.05 – Amari Cooper, WR CLE

DHop and Keenan didn’t last the turn, but Cooper is still an outstanding consolation prize. When Watson was playing with him, Nuk got ~160 targets. While I don’t think that’s likely from Cooper, I think numbers similar to Cooper’s ‘16/’19/’20 seasons are more than reasonable, and would put him in solid WR2 territory with potential for more.

Howell was definitely on my mind here as well. While I’d love to have him, I can’t justify the opportunity cost that I’d be losing by taking a guy who likely would just sit on my bench. If I had taken the productive struggle path, he may have been my choice. As it is, it’s far too early to pick up my high-risk QB3.

Andrew – Pick 8.09 – Kenny Pickett, QB Rookie

After the relative safety of the Cousins pick, I follow it up with a riskier selection of Pickett here. Rookie QBs are always around a fifty-fifty proposition to pan out, but in Round 8, the potential to come away with a long-term starting QB is enough for me to pull the trigger.

Still no RBs I’m super excited to take, and I already have my WR corps pretty well stocked early on.

Will – Pick 8.12 – Mike Williams, WR LAC

This pick is not a surprise to anyone I play fantasy football with. They know I absolutely love this guy (doesn’t hurt Justin Herbert happens to be his QB). I know he started hot last year and kind of fell off, but they just rewarded him with a 60 million dollar contract to stay as their WR2. Top 15-20 WR for the year in the 8th round as your WR3? Yup!

Round 9

Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Will – Pick 9.01 – Damien Harris, RB NE

Harris had an absolutely monster year on the ground in 2021. 15 touchdowns on 202 attempts (4.6 ypc) is absolutely insane. Not something that will happen again in 2022. I really like Rhamondre Stevenson, but Harris has proven to be the #1 RB on this team and will still continue to see many touches/goal line chances. He might be a bit of a touchdown or bust kind of guy, but still a good flex player to have on the team as your RB4.

Andrew – Pick 9.04 – James Conner, RB ARI

Finally, a RB taken here, but not necessarily to use in 2022. I’m definitely drafting Conner to flip him as soon as possible. His position as the lead back for the Cardinals offense after the season he had in 2021, you’re sure to get some enticing future draft capital from someone who drafted a team to contend right away.

Here in the 9th round, Conner is a solid value with those trade opportunities in mind. Everyone ALWAYS needs RBs. But while those teams who took RBs early are needing to toil with the likes of Mike Gesicki and Gabe Davis at this stage of the draft, I snatch up Conner, who could legitimately fetch me a 2023 late first in a trade.

Ben – Pick 9.08 – Devin Singletary, RB BUF

I lost out on Howell anyway, and there’s a few really good RBs here still. I really like Hunt, but I picked Singletary because of health and because Hunt would still compete for touches with Chubb. Singletary really dominated touches and opportunities down the stretch, and I think/hope they’ll give him a shot in a clear lead-back role because of it. His upshot is easily into RB2 numbers, and getting that in the 9th round is awesome.

With Howell gone, I immediately look to Ridder. Seeing how early it is still, I’m also starting to eye Winston as a backup plan. I contemplated WR as there’s also a number of WRs I like, but since I have a number of them in the same general tier, I’m comfortable waiting a bit thanks to volume.

Sam – Pick 9.10 – JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR KC

Juju is seeing a ton of hate in fantasy circles. I have some questions about him as well, but late in the 9th he is a great option.

Smith-Schuster is only 25 years old and has produced in the past. Despite all the vitriol towards him in every season he has played 14 or more games he has finished WR20 or higher. 

Juju is now the de facto WR1 in arguably the most explosive offense in the league. He doesn’t need to be Tyreek Hill to succeed in this offense. Another top 20 season is likely with a possible chance to finish as a WR1.

Jason – Pick 9.12 – Courtland Sutton, WR DEN

This has got to be Courtland’s coming out year now that he actually has a QB to throw to him consistently. I am pretty excited to get some youth here that has potential to break out and show how elite of a player he was expected to be coming into the league. The time is now for Sutton and its a great situation to be in for him and my fantasy team.

Round 10

Jason – Pick 10.01 – Kareem Hunt, RB CLE

I couldn’t pass up selecting another elite RB, when Kareem’s on the field its a problem for opposing defenses. Injuries and being the RB2 on the Browns causes Hunt’s ADP to drop so I press the draft button if he falls into the range where I don’t think he will come back around to me.

Sam – Pick 10.03 – Desmond Ridder, QB Rookie

Ridder is seeing a rise late in the lead up to the NFL draft. There is a lot of talk swirling that he will be a 1st round pick. 

As a third QB in superflex Ridder could provide a ton of value. Outside of Willis, Ridder is the best rushing quarterback in the draft. His arm is not the strongest in the draft but he has shown strong understanding of the position.

I am still in need of a 2nd RB but didn’t feel there was anyone that I couldn’t wait on. If Ridder becomes a starter his rushing ability will keep his floor higher than many other rookie QBs. His trade value will also be much higher than any other player I could draft at this point.

Ben – Pick 10.05 – Chase Claypool, WR PIT

Well…Ridder’s gone too. Thanks Sam.

With JuJu, Bateman, and Sutton now taken, I was torn between Claypool and Toney. The QB situation solidified it for me. Being 96% certain that Jones isn’t going to be the long term solution in New York, that means Toney is likely 1 or 2 years behind Claypool in getting his QBOTF…hence, Claypool is the choice.

Andrew – Pick 10.09 – Kadarius Toney, WR NYG?

Whoops! Hope he gets traded somewhere good!

Will – Pick 10.12 – Ryan Tannehill, QB TEN

As I look back at my draft I think this is the selection I dislike the most. A lot of young talent went directly after my selection and I wish I would have gone off the plan a bit and grabbed a young up and coming rookie for some diversity on the team. Tannehill is a decent quarterback, and probably an ok QB2 on a fantasy team, but I think I could have waited to grab someone else a bit later and still had near the same upside. (or higher…)

Round 11

Will – Pick 11.01 – Allen Robinson, WR LAR

With Robert Woods being shipped to the Titans and the Rams not re-signing Odell Beckham Jr I think Allen Robinson once again has a chance to shine. We have all seen his talent and I have NO idea how he disappeared so much on a disappointing Bears team last year. I get their offense was horrid, but he even did well with Trubisky at the helm. Whatever the case may be, he has a chance to once again reinvent himself and could be an amazing addition to this Rams offense.

Andrew – Pick 11.04 – Rhamondre Stevenson, RB NE

He’s the younger option in the Patriots’ current stable, and Damien Harris is a free agent after 2022. Stevenson isn’t an elite option because … Patriots, but at this stage in the draft, he offers some upside with his youth.

Ben – Pick 11.08 – Rashaad Penny, RB SEA

This comes down to Penny or Lockett. I chose Penny because I was fairly certain Sam would take him if I didn’t, considering Sam’s only RB at this point is Carter. Consequently – fingers crossed – Lockett is more likely to make it through the turn.

One other thing; we still don’t know with certainty where KW3 is going…he might not be in a position to be a legit RB2 this year, which would put a heavy emphasis on Singletary as my RB2. Having Penny gives me some flexibility with the vaunted RB position and my desire to shoot for the ‘ship.

Sam – Pick 11.10 – Chase Edmonds, RB MIA

I was really hoping that Rashaad Penny would fall to me. Unfortunately Ben was thinking the same thing. In drafts you have to take calculated risks. 

I had 3 guys here I was OK with getting. Edmonds was the last of the 3. While it will be hard to predict usage in the Miami backfield Edmonds is the best back they have.

If Edmonds can stay healthy he should flourish in the new system. He is a dual-threat back who should fit perfectly in new coach McDaniel’s offense. Edmonds has never reached 160 touches in a season but if healthy, 200 touches is possible this year. With that volume he should be a solid RB2.

Jason – Pick 11.12 – Cole Kmet, TE CHI

Love the talent and opportunity this kid has. The Bears need weapons to step up after the departure of Allen Robinson. I fully expect Cole to fill the void and feast on those vacated targets. Currently the QB situation in Chicago has me a little worried until Justin Fields shows some consistency.

Round 12

Jason – Pick 12.01 – Brandin Cooks, WR HOU

Cooks has always been a good fantasy asset but there are going to weeks he goes boom and then bust. Since I passed on the elite WR’s early it’s time to take a swing on a guy like this who can help you get some wins to bring you to the promised land.

Sam – Pick 12.03 – Irv Smith, TE MIN

I looked at the board and couldn’t believe in a TE premium draft that Smith was available in round 12. The scoring format is incredibly important when determining the value of a player.

In most dynasty rankings Smith is a top 10 TE. At only 23 and stepping into an offense that should be more pass heavy than last year Smith has an incredible ceiling. 

The meniscus injury cost him all of 2021 and is something to monitor in the lead up to this season. With the departure of Conklin there is little, if any, competition for Smith for tight end reps. 

Conklin was a favorite of Cousins last year. Smith is a much more talented player and one can only hope he is able to quickly develop the same connection with Kirk.

Ben – Pick 12.05 – Jameis Winston, QB NO

Lockett did end up getting selected, and with the really high-profile rookie QBs gone, I locked my eyes onto Winston. Getting him 2-5 rounds later than some of those guys is great value in my eyes. Even if NOLA picks up a QB in the draft, Winston should get the next year or two at the helm, which makes him an outstanding high-risk QB3. He’s a two-year stopgap at worst, a long-term starting QB in the 12th round at best.

Andrew – Pick 12.09 – Christian Kirk, WR JAX

Lots has been made of the market-shattering contract Kirk signed with Jacksonville this off-season. With all of that criticism and talk about how Kirk doesn’t deserve to be paid that much, the narrative has arisen that Kirk isn’t a good player. He is. And now he steps into a situation where he is likely the top option on a team who will pass a lot with a quarterback who is still considered a top young talent. Here in Round 12… sign me up.

Will – Pick 12.12 – Zach Ertz, TE ARI

Ertz proved to everyone in 2021 that he still has it. By signing a new three year deal in AZ they believe it too. I really like him in this offense across the middle and see him being a top 10 TE during the 2022 season. This  team just needs to get healthy (and maybe some offensive line help?) and could be back to their normal explosive selves.

Round 13

Will – Pick 13.01 – Michael Gallup, WR DAL

Gallup had some injuries that plagued his 2021 season a bit, but the talent is definitely there. I like him being WR2 on this team. Never a bad idea adding a WR late who is on an incredible offense and could see 100+ targets. At the very least he has decent value in FF and could be part of a trade for an upgrade in the future.

Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Andrew – Pick 13.04 – Davis Mills, QB HOU

A starting 2022 QB (in all likelihood) available in Round 13? Yup. Again, he’s someone I can trade for significant value once the season has started and he has a nice game against a bad opponent.

Ben – Pick 13.08 – Robert Woods, WR TEN

I had my eye on a few guys as the pick made it to the turn. I wanted Thielen, Gallup, Woods, RoJo, A.Ok, or Njoku. Since only Thielen and Gallup were taken, I had a difficult choice of lots of guys here.

I felt like Woods was the last in this tier of available WRs, even considering his injury and the inability for Tennessee to keep Julio fantasy relevant. I also figure one of the TEs will make it back around to me. I do fully expect Jason will take A.Ok though…if so, Njoku is still an excellent consolation prize.

Sam – Pick 13.10 – Ronald Jones, RB KC

I am not a RoJo fan but sometimes you have to put aside personal feelings. He has moved from one prolific offense to another so what makes this better?

The lack of a dominant RB to compete with is what. CEH has failed to live up to expectations and cannot take the physical toll required of a bellcow back. There is opportunity for a pure runner in the KC offense. 

As a backup RB RoJo provides huge upside. If CEH falls victim to injury or is shifted into more of a pass catching role Jones will be the first back who gets a chance to eat.

In a specific role where defenses cannot key on him Jones should be able to produce. It is well within the realm of possibility that he finishes as a RB2 in 2022.

Jason – Pick 13.12 – Odell Beckham Jr, WR FA

Filling my WR depth became a priority. So I decided to select an aging player that’s coming off another ACL tear. Odell was back on the upswing of his career and there’s no reason he can’t get right back to that level. Getting a receiver of this caliber in the 13th round is a steal.

Round 14

Jason – Pick 14.01 – Tom Brady, QB TB

He’s back! Tom just wont hang the cleats up, he loves the spotlight. A guy with nothing left to prove.. Yeah right, he knows exactly what he’s doing. There’s records to be set for players that came out of retirement!

Sam – Pick 14.03 – DJ Chark, WR DET

At this point I am looking for high upside players. Chark is only 25 and has shown flashes when he is healthy. The opportunity in Detroit is huge. He should step in as a starting WR and could emerge as the top WR in Detroit. In the 14th round the risk vs reward is in my favor.

Ben – Pick 14.05 – Albert Okwuegbunam, TE DEN

I really want to get in front of the next wave of TEs, which I know is coming soon. There’s two I’d especially love to get my hands on as slightly riskier options with huge potential: A.Ok and Njoku. There are also a few RBs I really like here: Henderson, Carson, Gus, and Pierre Strong. I’m going to bank on the TE run and hope one of the RBs falls.

Andrew – Pick 14.09 – Khalil Herbert, RB CHI

Again, at this stage, it’s all about finding young upside guys. Herbert qualifies as he was impressive as a rookie, and starter David Montgomery is only under contract for another year. Montgomery has been good, but not spectacular, so if Chicago declines to give Montgomery a big second contract, Herbert could be next in line. And even if not, the perception that that could happen could give Herbert some trade value.

Will – Pick 14.12 – Marlon Mack, RB HOU

Houston is going to be an interesting team to watch throughout the year. They have some fun young talent that people are excited about and should add some more in the draft. (not a RB please) If Mack has the chance to start in Houston this could be a steal of a draft pick. He has proven to be more than capable of playing well in the NFL (2019 stats – 247 carries, 1091 yards (4.42 ypc))

Round 15

Will – Pick 15.01 – Nico Collins, WR HOU

Similar to Mack, I like Nico’s chances of playing well in 2022. There isn’t a whole lot of talent on this team and there needs to be a WR2 that expands from the pack (Cooks being WR1) Nico showed some flashes in 2021, but will need to get more targets and improve upon his 54% catch rate (33/61)

Andrew – Pick 15.04 – Gus Edwards, RB BAL

Gus Bus is coming back from injury, so who knows how effective he will be right away, but Baltimore runs so much that securing Edwards here in the 15th round makes sense to me. Edwards’ upside is capped by age, J.K. Dobbins and Lamar Jackson, but he is a safe bet to be a contributor at least.

Ben – Pick 15.08 – Donovan Peoples-Jones, WR CLE

None of the RBs fell, and I seem to have been a round or two early in my TE prediction (again…). In any case, I see a name I like a lot for next year – especially in the event of an Amari injury. DPJ, come on down!

Sam – Pick 15.10 – Daniel Jones, QB NYG

Jones has fallen far since his rookie season. Still at 24 with a new coach in Brian Daboll who was able to refine Josh Allen into arguably the league’s best QB the risk is worth it. At the minimum Jones will get a prove it season in 2022. In a superflex league to get a young starting QB this late it is well worth the gamble.

Jason – Pick 15.12 – Carson Wentz, QB WAS

Stacking more starting QB’s in a super flex is never a bad idea. Wentz has shown flashes in the league and maybe he can figure it out with another change of scenery. Either way he can be an asset to move later via trade if needed.

Round 16

Jason – Pick 16.01 – David Njoku, TE CLE

One of the more athletic TE’s in the game. David just hasn’t seen the target share he’s capable of taking on. With Austin Hooper out of the picture he should be able to take over as Brown’s primary catching TE. Deshaun Watson is the new QB in town so the stock for all Cleveland pass catchers goes up.

Photo by Amy Lemus/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Sam – Pick 16.03 – Jamaal Williams, RB DET

Williams is one injury away from a role that makes him the focal point of Detroit’s offense. Even when Swift is healthy Williams will receive touches. In an improving offense he should outperform his draft position. With my depth at the other positions it was time to take a swing on a RB.

Ben – Pick 16.05 – Carson Strong, QB Rookie

…there go the TEs!

Well, I’d like to try to set the positional trend once again. I think QB is next, as there are a number of QBs sitting there. Considering I have three solid options already, I can definitely afford to take the highest risk QB available still.

Carson Strong could be drafted in the same general area as the other rookie QBs, though his lack of mobility is a detriment to his fantasy potential. With that said, I’m getting him 6-9 rounds later than those other guys!

Andrew – Pick 16.09 – Matt Ryan, QB IND

A starting QB available in Round 16!

Will – Pick 16.12 – Terrace Marshall, WR CAR

As we started getting into the later rounds of the draft I did start making some dart throws for guys that I liked quite a bit coming into the league. I really liked Marshall coming out of LSU in the 2nd round. Carolina still has some issues on this team (specifically at QB), but hoping there can be some improvement for Marshall and others to contribute a bit more in 2022.

Round 17

Will – Pick 17.01 – Robert Tonyan, TE GB

Tonyan had an amazing year in 2020, but missed more than half the year in 2021 with injuries. Green Bay is going to need him to jump back into his 2020 form to ease the pain of losing Devante Adams to the Raiders. I believe Green Bay does add another WR or two before the year begins, but Tonyan still has a chance to be the starting TE and put up pretty good numbers.

Andrew – Pick 17.04 – Raheem Mostert, RB MIA

Mostert’s arrival in Miami gives me some hope that he can carve out a major role for a year in 2022. I can deal him if I feel like he won’t, but his landing spot with his old coach is favorable to get some value with this Mostert pick one way or another.

Ben – Pick 17.08 – Jakobi Meyers, WR NE

…and there go the QBs!!!

This one was timed much better. I was looking closely at Meyers last round too…I don’t know what effect Parker will have on him, but I think he’s worth a shot this late.

Sam – Pick 17.10 – KJ Osborn, WR MIN

After Meyers went to Ben I was sure who I would be taking this pick. Osborn is a player I think is going to skyrocket in value in the next couple years.

The changing of the Vikings Offense and the aging of Thielen present a perfect situation for Osborn. At the end of 2021 Osborn showed he may be taking over as the touchdown threat for the Vikings by scoring in 5 of his last 6 games. At 24 Osborn Is right in line with my draft strategy.

Jason – Pick 17.12 – Jarvis Landry, WR FA

More depth was my only route here for the WR position. Jarvis will likely be on a new team this coming season. With the hope of him landing in a good spot in a good situation to produce he can have flex appeal and would retain trade capital because he has been a household name in fantasy.

Round 18

Jason – Pick 18.01 – Sam Darnold, QB CAR

If starting QB’s are going to fall this late in the draft you have to take them. 24 years young, Samuel can still figure this thing out and be come the franchise QB people thought he could be. Darnold has plenty of weapons at his disposal so the sky is still the limit.

Sam – Pick 18.03 – Calvin Austin, WR Rookie

With his small stature at 5’8” and 170 pounds there are questions on whether Austin can compete in the NFL. His blazing 4.32 40 yard dash at the combine turned heads as well as his 39 inch vertical jump. At the Senior Bowl Calvin was uncoverable.

This all may not translate to the next level. There are plenty of reasons to doubt. In the 18th round of the draft Austin is well worth a flyer.

Ben – Pick 18.05 – Nyheim Hynes, RB IND

Depth at RB is crucial for any team looking to compete. While normally I’m not a huge fan of PPR-focused RBs – especially those who won’t get a workhorse shot if injury befalls their main back – however I think Hines has good value in the 18th round as my RB5. I’m really only looking for someone who is guaranteed to score points in the hopefully unlikely event I need to play him…and Hines will do just that.

Andrew – Pick 18.09 – Kenny Golladay, WR NYG

Kenny G was once a respected feel threat in the NFL before he became a punch line. This late, he’s an upside buy for me. He’s currently still the top option in the passing game. Evan Engram is out, Kadarius Toney is likely following him out the door. Brian Daboll is in town, and hopefully all of this means good things are in store for Golladay. Remember, they paid a lot of money for him. The Giants will want to use him.

Will – Pick 18.12 – Gardner Minshew, QB PHI

I made this pick directly thinking that Minshew still has a chance to start in 2022. There are a few teams that have QB’s that are worse and MAYBE, just MAYBE he gets traded and has a chance to start somewhere as soon as 2022. If it doesn’t happen in 2022 there is still a chance a team gives him a shot later. Minshew mania!

Round 19

Will – Pick 19.01 – Chris Evans, RB CIN

Mixon stayed healthy in 2021 and I am hopeful he isn’t thought of as an injury plagued guy anymore, but adding one of his backups just in case isn’t going to hurt!

Andrew – Pick 19.04 – D’Onta Foreman, RB CAR

Foreman had a great season in limited action last year, showing he is fully over his Achilles injury from a few years back. He steps into Carolina as Christian McCaffrey’s backup, but with his injury history, there is a chance that Foreman gets more work than that. As a 19th round pick, I’ll take that risk.

Ben – Pick 19.08 – Allen Lazard, WR GB

There’s no way Lazard is the WR1 in Green Bay come week 1…he may not even be the WR2. However, they thought enough of him to put a 2nd round tender even as Adams and MVS left town. He’s got potential for low-end WR3 type numbers, though most likely will be a WR4. This late, that’s solid depth and exactly what I’m looking for.

Sam – Pick 19.10 – Eno Benjamin, RB ARI

Eno has a possibility to play second fiddle to Conner in Arizona. I don’t expect him to see a ton of work but Edmonds, who left for Miami, averaged 14 touches a game in 2021. If Benjamin can win the backup role for the Cardinals there is big upside for him.

Jason – Pick 19.12 – Gerald Everett, TE LAC

Gerald landed in a great spot this offseason going to the Chargers. 27 years old who has shown he can ball out when called upon. Herbert throwing to him should be an uptick in production. Excited to see how the Chargers use Gerald.

Round 20

Jason – Pick 20.01 – Robby Anderson, WR CAR

Taking another swing for the fences here and adding depth to my WR corp. Robby has been such a boom/bust player but maybe he can regain his value after having a down year.

Sam – Pick 20.03 – Greg Dulcich, TE Rookie

Dulcich is my TE2 in the 2022 draft. He is a big, athletic TE with good hands. He had a strong Senior Bowl week, regularly beating linebackers and safeties. He also displayed his ability as a downfield threat. In the 20th round of a TE premium draft Dulcich is a player I was happy to end the draft with.

Ben – Pick 20.05 – Cade Otton, TE Rookie

Otton has been my rookie TE1 for a while, and it’s the last round, so…why not?

Andrew – Pick 20.09 – Mo Alie-Cox, TE IND

Jack Doyle is gone, and Mo Alie-Cox is a physical asset with his size and athleticism. He’s never put it together for a full season as a full-time starter, but stranger things have happened.

Will – Pick 20.12 – Drew Lock, QB SEA

Does Lock start in Seattle this year? Does new scenery upstart his career and unlock a side of him that we haven’t seen? Probably not, but worth a shot this late!



QB: Josh Allen, Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, Carson Wentz, Sam Darnold
RB: Austin Ekeler, Alvin Kamara, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Leonard Fournette, Kareem Hunt
WR: Michael Pittman, Courtland Sutton, Brandin Cooks, Odell Beckham Jr, Jarvis Landry, Robby Anderson
TE: TJ Hockenson, Cole Kmet, David Njoku, Gerald Everett


QB: Justin Herbert, Jalen Hurts, Desmond Ridder, Daniel Jones
RB: Michael Carter, Chase Edmonds, Ronald Jones, Jamaal Williams, Eno Benjamin
WR: Diontae Johnson, DeVonta Smith, Darnell Mooney, JuJu Smith Schuster, DJ Chark, KJ Osborn, Calvin Austin
TE: George Kittle, Dalton Schultz, Irv Smith, Greg Dulcich


QB: Joe Burrow, Mac Jones, Jameis Winston, Carson Strong
RB: Dalvin Cook, Kenneth Walker III, Devin Singletary, Rashaad Penny, Nyheim Hynes
WR: Mike Evans, Amari Cooper, Chase Claypool, Robert Woods, Donovan Peoples-Jones, Jakobi Meyers, Allen Lazard
TE: Mark Andrews, Travis Kelce, Albert Okwuegbunam, Cade Otton


QB: Lamar Jackson, Kirk Cousins, Kenny Pickett, Davis Mills, Matt Ryan
RB: James Conner, Rhamondre Stevenson, Khalil Herbert, Gus Edwards, Raheem Mostert, D’Onta Foreman
WR: DK Metcalf, DJ Moore, Chris Godwin, Jerry Jeudy, Kadarius Toney, Christian Kirk, Kenny Galloday
TE: Kyle Pitts, Mo Alie-Cox


QB: Derek Carr, Ryan Tannehill, Gardner Minshew, Drew Lock
RB: Javonte Williams, Joe Mixon, Ezekiel Elliott, Damien Harris, Marlon Mack, Chris Evans
WR: CeeDee Lamb, Terry McLaurin, Mike Williams, Allen Robinson, Michael Gallup, Nico Collins, Terrace Marshall
TE: Darren Waller, Zach Ertz, Robert Tonyan

And there you have it! Our 2022 Dynasty Start-Up Mock Draft. What picks do you like? Any picks you disagree with or think were made far too early?
We at Extra Point thank you for reading and wish you good luck in your dynasty drafts this season!

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