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Welcome to the Extra Point fantasy football Utilities page! Have you read our methodology and what makes us different? If so, get straight into it and use the below links to navigate directly to the specific fantasy football utilities. If not, we invite you to read below in order to understand our process and learn what makes us different.

  • Trade Calculator (coming soon)
  • Trade Architect (coming soon)
  • Team Evaluator (coming soon)
  • League Analyzer (coming soon)
How it works:

The Extra Point fantasy football utilities work different than others you may find online. Many other sites utilize ADP to determine player value. ADP has always been a decent indicator for player value, but it’s clearly not perfect. What if the player taken at 1.01 is likely to score twice that of the player taken at 1.02? Why would their value be anywhere close to each other?

We believe in determining a player’s value through their direct capacity to help you win. Thus, the primary factor in determining player value is based on projected points. This starts by compiling projected stats from multiple websites. With a solid baseline statistical projection for each player, we calculate projected points.

Different scoring formats result in different projected points, so we require you input this information for each of our utilities. To help you, we set default values based on popular scoring configurations. We strongly encourage you enter your league’s scoring configuration to ensure you get the most from our utilities.

Projected points isn’t the only factor we use to determine player value. We also include supply-and-demand and scarcity components. We need to know league configuration to calculate supply, demand, and scarcity. League configuration includes: number of teams, number of required starters per position, and number of flex/superflex positions. Again, we strongly encourage you to enter your league configuration and starter requirements. This will ensure you get the most from our utilities.

All this information, projected points and scarcity, provides the foundation for each player’s calculated value. That’s not the end though. There are many, many other factors which will additionally affect player value. For example, Dynasty and Empire leagues apply additional factors to adjust player value. Age, years in league, and NFL draft capital are just a few.

Here are just some examples to give some context:

  • In a Tight End Premium league, Tight Ends receive a premium score on their receptions. The general value of a Tight End is going to be higher due to a higher projected points value.
  • 2-Tight End league requires each owner to start two Tight Ends. So, high-end Tight End value will be significantly higher due to the scarcity of quality scoring Tight Ends.
  • In a Dynasty league, a team unlikely to be competitive is generally considered a rebuild. Rebuilding teams value youth and draft picks higher than average, as these provide value for the future. As such, additional bonuses are applied based on these factors when appropriate.
  • In an Empire league, value for the future is important, but there is a heavier emphasis on immediate impact. We still apply youth bonuses, but to a smaller degree. Immediate production has a stronger impact in empire than dynasty.

Through player value and league configuration, we have the opportunity to provide you with four distinct tools:

  • The Extra Point Trade Calculator will tell you if a trade is fair. It can be quickly and easily configured to account for multiple teams. It will even provide recommendations of players or picks which will help to balance the trade.
  • The Extra Point Trade Architect allows you to see two teams side-by-side, displaying the value of each player. You can add players into the trade package from either side, or remove them as needed. It will show you the total value for each side to help you create a fair value trade.
  • The Extra Point Team Evaluator will review your team based on your league and scoring configurations. It will quickly show you where you are strong, and where you could use help.
  • The Extra Point League Analyzer will review every team input. From here, it will identify which teams are the strongest, who has the most depth, whose positional starters are best, and much more. Draft picks will be taken into account for dynasty and empire leagues as well.

We still encourage you to check other fantasy football utilities as well, including other trade calculators. You can bet your prospective trade partner will be reviewing every tool available! Regardless of what value we display for a player, value is ultimately determined by the buyer and seller. What may be labeled a fair trade here or on other sites, may not be seen as fair by your trade partner. Not every trade will be accepted, but our goal is to provide you with as much information as possible. Through this, you can make the most well-informed decisions possible!

Additional Information:

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