Mock Draft – July Start-up

Who doesn’t love a good mock draft?  Extra Point writers took a couple hours to run in a 12 team, 25 round, Dynasty Mock Draft.  SF with 6pt Passing TDs put a heavier emphasis on QBs, PPR with a TE Premium (0.5pts) made it exciting, and a 3rd round reversal made if spicy!  Here’s the details, and the draft.

12 Team | 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 2Flex, 1SF
6pt Passing TD, 0.04pt Passing Yard
6pt Rushing TD, 0.01pt Rushing Yard
6pt Receiving TD, 0.01pt Receiving Yard
1PPR + 0.5PPR bonus to TE

Pre-draft Strategy

Ben | Pre-draft strategy

Given that it’s a SuperFlex, QBs are rightfully going to be targeted early and often. Other than that, I try not to have a defined strategy pre-draft. I look to define my draft based on how the first few rounds go, and try to be flexible.

I am very willing to be active in the trade market as long as it’s not a Best Ball league, so I’m not concerned about overloading one position or ignoring another. In a Dynasty and even Empire to some extent, I prefer high-risk youth over established mediocrity. My bench can suffer as a result, especially early, and later if none of the risky picks hit.

I’ve had drafts where I strictly crush value, try to trade heavy, and shoot to win early. Alternatively I’ve had drafts where I intentionally target guys who won’t have an impact year 1, increasing my odds to get the 1.01 rookie pick. And I’ve had many drafts in the middle. Flexibility is always key.

Sam | Pre-draft strategy

In dynasty you’re building a team for now and for the future. I like to take that more literally than most. What I mean by that is teams often tend to draft at one or the other end of the spectrum. They either draft young players who will take a few years to reach potential or win now guys who are in their prime but older.

My goal is to find a happy medium. This requires a little flexibility in my drafting as every draft is different. I am looking to draft the most valuable or impactful player at any starting position.

After round 10 or so I am looking to fill positions for right now if a position has been neglected because of the way the draft went. This often means drafting players who are older and may only have a year or two of top level production left. I am also looking for young guys with breakout potential and increased opportunities to touch the ball.

Lastly in super flex, I will take QBs if available. Positional scarcity is real and a low end QB is almost always a better play in your super flex spot than any other player.

Scherber | Pre-draft strategy

In general, I think QB and RB in Superflex leagues are the most ‘premium’ and scarce positions in the game, making them the most valuable.

RBs are unique though because typically a RB’s window for elite production, if any, is very very short. 2-3 years tops in today’s NFL.

My go-to ‘strategy’ is to figure out a way to put together a QB/WR group that is championship caliber, and then figure out a way to plug in at least two RBs in order to go for it all.

QBs/WRs typically last the longest, and so this sort of approach matches up since RBs conversely do not last long in terms of fantasy relevancy.

Of course, if value in the startup dictates I deviate from the plan however, I do not hesitate to do it. It’s really all about value.

Round 1

Ben – Pick 1.04 | Kyler Murray, QB, ARI

I knew going into it that, with pick four in SF, the only non-QB I’d be willing to take is Christian McCaffrey (CMC). When CMC went 1.03, I took Kyler. He’s going to be only 24 years old as he enters his third year. His passing stats may never rival Mahomes, but his rushing stats push him above someone like Herbert who will almost assuredly throw for more TDs. 6pts for Passing TDs makes this very close for me between Kyler and Herbert, but I think the combined passing and rushing stats just barely push Kyler over the top.

Sam – Pick 1.07 | Dak Prescott, QB, DAL

In a Superflex league QB is almost a must to take in the first round outside of CMC. With 6 point passing TDs this is even more true. I have Dak as my QB 3 in dynasty. The WR trio in Dallas is amongst the best in the league. Dak finished QB 2 in 2019 and in 2020 he was on a historic pace before being injured. In the 4 full games he played in 2020, Dak threw for 450 yards or more in 3 of them. He added 9 passing TDs and another 3 on the ground in those 4 games. At 27 he is still young and has incredible possibilities.

Scherber – Pick 1.12 | Trevor Lawrence, QB, JAX

Round 1-2, basically in SuperFlex startups I almost always prioritize QB in Round 1. They are just too valuable and the idea of having that position set for the next decade is very appealing to me. I did that with Lawrence and then again after the turn. I do appreciate that RB or certain WR/TE represent great value in Rd 1 depending on the player and spot, but my personal preference is always to start at QB in Rd 1. Lawrence is a preference pick. I like having his hype built into his value too. Even if he disappoints as a rookie that hype will help maintain his value until at least 2023. And that’s the worst case scenario.

Round 2

Scherber – Pick 2.01 | Justin Fields, QB, CHI

Fields offers similar pedigree as he was always QB1b to TLaws 1a, and he adds that rushing upside as well. I think Fields has the potential to perhaps disappoint as a QB in real life but his rushing floor will help maintain value if that happens and I can cut bait relatively unscathed. Also, with 3rd round reversal, I assumed a decent RB would fall to the beginning of Rd3, so I was fine passing on guys like Akers and Swift at 2.01.

Sam – Pick 2.06 | Russel Wilson, QB, SEA

With the elite RBs gone at this point and 6 points passing TDs I chose to go with Wilson here. Wilson has finished outside of the top 10 QBs in fantasy only once in his career, his rookie season where he finished 11th. The value he brings as a QB 2 is incredible. At 32 years old, Wilson has at least 4 strong seasons left and my starting QBs are arguably the best duo in the league.

Ben – Pick 2.09 | DK Metcalf, WR, SEA

At this point the QBs have been picked pretty clean, as is expected in a SF, and the most valuable RBs have already been taken. I prefer to feel like I’m starting a run on a position, instead of picking in the middle of one, so that narrows it to TE or WR for me. Considering the massive drop-off after the big3 TEs, I think it would certainly be fair to start that trend and go Kelce or Kittle here, but I feel that would narrow me into drafting to compete near-immediately given Kelce will be 32, and Kittle 28. Alternatively, DK will be 23 most of this season, he’s already shown the ability to put up phenomenal WR numbers, and still has room to grow. AJ Brown was also at the top of my list (what up Ole Miss).

Round 3

Scherber – Pick 3.01 | Najee Harris, RB, PIT

My assumption from round 2 held true, as Najee was there at 3.01, which I was very pleased with. I see Najee as pretty safe because of volume. The Steelers OL isn’t great, but even if that holds true, I am pretty confident in the Steelers’ organization correcting that by 2022. RB was the priority over the top WRs available at 3.01 because I knew I didn’t pick again until 4.12, and I figured all the RB1 candidates would be long gone by then. Najee is a high end rookie as well so it would take a terrible terrible season for his value to tank to start 2022. And in a startup, I’m always drafting with a focus on 2-3 years in advance, not necessarily right away in Y1.

Sam – Pick 3.06 | Darren Waller, TE, OAK

I was really expecting to grab my first RB here. Looking at the board and the available RBs I felt like I could wait until round 4 and get the last of the elite TEs. Waller is my overall TE 2 in dynasty. He is the clear cut fist option in the passing game for the Raiders. I feel like this year he has a strong possibility to finish as the top scoring TE in the league. With TE premium Waller is a bigger impact at this pick than any other available player.

Ben – Pick 3.09 | CeeDee Lamb, WR, DAL

I’m going to make a confession, I completely forgot about the 3rd round reversal at this point in the draft. Maybe it was my 4month old screaming for a bottle, maybe it was the fact that it was midnight, maybe I’m just an idiot. Either way, I wanted to go QB here but I felt like it was too early for Lance, who might not even start the season. Hurts or Watson are options, but are both wildcards for various reasons. Rodgers too, and he has his own situation brewing. Stafford was on the short-list, but I prefer youth where possible. I was torn between Lamb and Chase, and to a small extent Pitts. I’d have been happy with any of the three, but I like Lamb for the same reasons as DK.

Round 4

Ben – Pick 4.04 | Kyle Pitts, TE, ATL

Once I saw Chase and Lance go, I knew Pitts was going to be my guy. If Team 2 or Team 3 took him, I’d have probably gone with his teammate, Ridley. Thankfully, that wasn’t necessary. Pitts will be playing this season at just 21 years old. He’s the highest rated TE prospect in at least 15 years – debatably the highest rated TE prospect ever. He goes to the Falcons, who just lost their other freak receiver, Julio Jones. And he enters the league at a time where the position is actually being utilized as the ultimate utility player. From a fantasy perspective, he certainly has potential to get in the range of the big-three TEs. Even if he doesn’t quite get there, his floor is in all likelihoods as a next-tier TE for a decade+.

Sam – Pick 4.07 | Calvin Ridley, WR, ATL

Fantasy drafts can be fickle beasts. With the number of teams with multiple RBs and others without a QB I was fully expecting to be able to land a high upside RB here. After Ben picked both teams left before me were already sitting on two RBs. CEH was going to fall to me! Alas, it was not to be.

With the last of the RBs I felt comfortable grabbing gone, I switched gears to looking WR. Ridley here is incredible value. With top 5 potential now that Julio is gone, Ridley should see a ton of targets. The addition of Pitts scares some but to me, Ridley is clearly the alpha in the passing game.

Scherber – Pick 4.12 | Javonte Williams, RB, DEN

Javonte represented what I saw as the last high upside young RB (aside from maybe Sermon) available before we started getting into “RBBC” territory guys. It was also appealing to me to grab a rookie RB for the same reasons as I mentioned with Harris. I’m a big believer in trying to sync up “prime” years amongst all my top guys, so I prioritized young RBs early because older RBs would be aged out by the time I am ready to compete.

Round 5

Scherber – Pick 5.01 | TJ Hockenson, TE, DET

Hockenson immediately after the turn was a nod to the TE premium and I think Hock has an outside chance of joining that coveted Kelce tier this year with the lack of big name WRs left in Detroit combined with the likelihood that they play from behind a lot this season. Had Hockenson not been there, I would have likely waited really really late for TE.

Sam – Pick 5.06 | Kareem Hunt, RB, CLE

I felt I needed to get a RB here. I was really hoping Montgomery would get to me but I was sniped again. Hunt was the last RB I was ok with drafting this high. I don’t like that he is the second guy next to Chubb but his production has still been there. Hunt produces when he touches the ball. Even with Chubb being the alpha Hunt gets enough touches to be a back end RB 1 and top end RB 2 in PPR leagues.

Ben – Pick 5.09 | DJ Moore, WR, CAR

I admit, I thought about Deshaun Watson for quite some time here, but the uncertainty really put me through the wringer. Instead, I go with Moore. Moore entered the league young, and will be going into his 4th year as just a 24 year old. He’s already put up back-to-back ~1200 yard seasons with Kyle Allen and Teddy Bridgewater at the helm. He’s got Joe Brady as his OC and Sam Darnold as a likely upgrade at QB. The team also gets CMC returning to draw eyes to the backfield, and the defense doesn’t appear to be significantly improved, which all bodes well for Moore statistically.

Round 6

Ben – Pick 6.04 | Zach Wilson, QB, NYJ

If Watson had fallen to me here I’d have pulled the trigger. Instead I select Wilson, the 2nd overall pick of the 2021 NFL Draft. I think I’m higher than the general consensus on Wilson, and certainly higher than the Extra Point Consensus Ranking at this point. I see a team that stacked the offensive line with high talent guys who also fit the desired scheme. His WRs are young and talented, and if the defense doesn’t hold up then the workload could be high too. Fun fact, my team’s average age is now 22 2/3.

Sam – Pick 6.07 | Diontae Johnson, WR, PIT

At this point I am looking for the most value regardless of position. Diontae is the number one WR in Pittsburgh as far as I am concerned. Johnson saw 144 targets last year. For me, opportunities are the best predictor of points. I expect Diontae to see a similar amount of targets in 2021 putting him amongst the elite WRs in the league. With the predicted departure of Juju next off season, Johnson could become an even bigger part of the offense in the future.

Scherber – Pick 6.12 | Tua Tagovailoa, QB, MIA

The 6.12/7.01 turn came and Tua was staring me in the face. I have concerns about Tua after Herbert and Burrow started their careers so hot, but at essentially round 7 in Superflex, I had to take the risk on Tua. He’s finally got weapons, including his old college target Waddle, who I also took here.

Round 7

Scherber – Pick 7.01 | Jaylen Waddle, WR, MIA

Waddle is someone with great upside, and at WR, I like to swing for upside because you can always find those safe WR2/3 types in a trade if need be (Beasley, Marvin Jones, Tyler Boyd, etc.). Not sexy names but produce close enough to be bargains.

Sam – Pick 7.06 | Laviska Shenault, WR, JAX

I was considering Goedert and Fant here because of the TE premium. I passed because of WR “additions” on both teams for this year and questions on the capabilities of QBs to be effective on both teams. The Eagles added Smith who should see a good amount of targets go his way. The Broncos add back Sutton into the fold this year after his injury. With Sutton and Jeudy there is a good chance Fant is option 3 in the passing game.

Viska has the hype this year and finished last year strong. The upside for him is huge if he stays healthy. Shenault will be 22 at the start of the season, which is another plus.

Ben – Pick 7.09 | Courtland Sutton, WR, DEN

I swear I’m not explicitly trying to go with a zero-RB strategy, I just don’t like the value here. At this stage, I’d be looking for a Carson or Montgomery type, but they went earlier. Personally, I love Sutton. Pre-injury I felt that he had that rare potential to be an elite weapon in the same mold as Nuk. Post-injury, going into his age 26 season, we just don’t know yet. Subjectively, I’m pretty confident I just drafted a 2nd or 3rd round talent in the late 7th.

Round 8

Ben – Pick 8.04 | Trey Sermon, RB, SF

I waffled on this pick for a while, and ultimately this is the pivotal round I decide my draft strategy. Bear with me as I go through my thought process, hopefully it’s helpful to someone.

I reviewed my roster to this point and strongly considered Tom Brady, who is still putting up top10 QB numbers. With that, I considered which team would potentially trade for him and the return I could get. I also considered keeping him in the event of an injury or possibly a rookie slump. Ultimately I decided the return in a trade wouldn’t net me his production value. If I take him I’m keeping him and looking to compete. Except one fact, I’m not competing without RBs. That takes TB off the table for me.

I strongly considered Lockett here as well. I’ve been a fan since I saw his route running in college. He’s another case I don’t feel his trade value matches his production value though, so I’d likely hold him. He’d make a hell of a second flex, and if DK got hurt he’s guaranteed a massive boost in production. I decided my team was too heavily invested for two to four years out. By that point Lockett wouldn’t be a fit and his trade value would have gone down more.

Finally, I considered who would likely be taken in the next 16 picks. Who would I have available to me, and who would certainly be gone. That’s when I saw Sermon. I knew he wouldn’t make it back to me in the 9th round, not with Scherber sniping rookies and Sam apparently reading my mind. Instead I decided my RB strategy would be to target a few of the young high-risk, high-reward backs: Sermon, RoJo, Carter, Harris, Moss, and eventually Mitchell as a quasi-handcuff. I would be willing to reach a half-round or so to lock them down. Each of them, in my eyes, has the potential to be worth significantly more next year. Best case, I get RB1 or RB2 production from middle round picks. Worst case, I miss out on mid-round value picks who would otherwise be trade bait for me.

Worth noting, this will be the 2nd time Sam took my alternate. Ridley in the 4th was the other time. Get out of my head, Sam.

Sam – Pick 8.07 | Tyler Lockett, WR, SEA

Too much value in Lockett to pass up. He has boom and bust games but as a flex option he is a guy who will win you a few games each year. A top 10 WR last year in round 8, I had to pull the trigger.

Scherber – Pick 8.12 | Rashod Bateman, WR, BAL

Same thing happened at the 8.12/9.01 turn as last round where I went upside with Bateman. I am bullish on Bateman, it’s no secret.

Round 9

Scherber – Pick 9.01 | Mac Jones, QB, NE

And then Mac Jones was a young rookie QB who I felt I just needed to take as a value in the 9th round. I don’t like his talent at all, but he will be worth a first round pick plus some as soon as it is announced he is starting for a Bill Belichik team.

Flipping a 9th round startup pick for a potential 2022 first + more was the thought there.

Sam – Pick 9.06 | Brandin Cooks, WR, HOU

Again looking at RB but there is more value in a top 20 WR for my flex. Cooks is arguably the most disrespected player in fantasy football. Aside from his rookie year and 2018 where he missed 2 games officially (basically 3 games playing only 5% of snaps in 1 game where he got injured) Cooks has not finished outside of WR 16 in his career. Houston will be bad, they will be behind in almost every game, and they will throw a lot. Cooks is going to eat.

Ben – Pick 9.09 | Michael Carter, RB, NYJ

I fully admit this is a reach of probably about a half round. I missed out on RoJo who is surprisingly coming into his own. I’ve already mentioned I like the offensive situation in New York, the determining factor in his success will be availability of touches. Personally I expect him to see maybe 10 touches/game at the start of the year, with both snap and touch count to rise in the 2nd half of the year. 20 touches/game is certainly too much to expect, 14-16 touches is more realistic, but that can be more than enough to be fantasy relevant.

Round 10

Ben – Pick 10.04 | Damien Harris, RB, NE

Harris is likely my only immediate producer at RB. He’s also going to be somewhat limited in-that he’s not going to catch the ball much. This definitely limits his ceiling a bit, but the potential is still very high.

Sam – Pick 10.07 | James Conner, RB, ARI

I need another RB and think Connor has the highest upside. If Kingsbury thought Edmonds was the guy he doesn’t bring in Connor. The goal line carries will go to Connor and he fits the scheme. I foresee at worst a 60/40 split with Edmonds with a possible top 15 finish.

Scherber – Pick 10.12 | Terrace Marshall, WR, CAR

Terrace Marshall and Patty Fry (10.12 and 11.01) are both high upside rookies by virtue of their stellar college careers. And with the overall theme of my team being youth, they fit in great.

Round 11

Scherber – Pick 11.01 | Pat Freiermuth, TE, PIT

Sam – Pick 11.06 | Cole Kmet, TE, CHI

In TE premium Kmet is a steal in this round. Huge breakout potential and only 22 years old. With Robinson being the only guaranteed option in front of Kmet and a good chance Robinson is gone next year Kmet has elite TE possibilities in his future.

Ben – Pick 11.09 | Jameis Winston, QB, NO

I wanted Kmet, but Sam snagged him. I’m very happy to settle with Jameis, who I assume will get the majority of opportunity. He’s got potential to product as a QB1 in the 11th round.

Round 12

Ben – Pick 12.04 | Mike Williams, WR, LAC

I love this value, and think Williams is being undervalued.

Sam – Pick 12.07 | David Johnson, RB, HOU

I am not thrilled with this pick but at the end of the day when DJ is on the field he produces. Finishing in the top 20 RBs last year and there being a good chance that Houston will be starting Tyrod Taylor I see a lot of work this year for DJ.

Scherber – Pick 12.12 | Jordan Love, QB, GB

Jordan Love once again was a value thing. At some point, in all likelihood, he will get his chance, and at that point, he’s probably worth a first rounder in SF.

Round 13

Scherber – Pick 13.01 | Gus Edwards, RB, BAL

Gus Edwards in the 13th was just to add a body who can produce as a RB2 if need be. Probably doesn’t add into my long-term plans, but for 2021 he could be a vital piece to keep me competitive.

Sam – Pick 13.06 | Derek Carr, QB, LVR

Carr is not a sexy pick but he is reliable. He’s like the Camry of fantasy QBs. He isn’t going to impress but he will reliably get the job done in an average way. As my QB 3 in superflex I’ll take it.

Ben – Pick 13.09 | Adam Trautman, TE, NO

My targets of high-risk, high-reward youth continues.

Round 14

Ben – Pick 14.04 | Elijah Mitchell, RB, SF

This one is definitely a reach and probably my least comfortable pick. I wanted to take him at 15.09, but took him a full round and a half higher just to lock him in. Considering my RB strategy, if there’s a chance he breaks out due to injury or otherwise, he’ll be worth the risk.

Sam – Pick 14.07 | Kyle Trask, QB, TB

Trask is the heir apparent to Tom Brady and has a great college profile. This is a high upside pick for the future.

Scherber – Pick 14.12 | Nelson Agholor, WR, NE

From this point on I just tried to add the highest upside guys I could.

Round 15

Scherber – Pick 15.01 | Nico Collins, WR, HOU

Sam – Pick 15.06 | Ty Johnson, RB, NYJ

I am much higher on Ty Johnson than most. I think he ends up being the lead back in the RBBC that the Jets are sure to employ.

Ben – Pick 15.09 | Bryan Edwards, WR, LVR

Round 16

Ben – Pick 16.04 | Kellen Mond, QB, MIN

Sam – Pick 16.07 | Parris Campbell, WR, IND

Campbell has a ton of upside if he can stay healthy. He projects to start in the slot for Indianapolis, which Wentz is known to target frequently.

Scherber – Pick 16.12 | Marvin Jones, WR, JAX

Round 17

Scherber – Pick 17.01 | Gereld Everett, TE, SEA

Sam – Pick 17.06 | Anthony Firkser, TE, TEN

The addition of Julio hurts Firkser’s short term prospects but there is huge upside long term.

Ben – Pick 17.09 | Jared Goff, QB, DET

The thought with Goff is to flip him to someone like Team 8 and try to get a 2nd round pick.

Round 18

Ben – Pick 18.04 | Dez Fitzpatrick, WR, TEN

Sam – Pick 18.07 | Jakobi Meyers, WR, NE

Meyers is young and could finish as the WR1 for the Patriots even with the addition of Agholar.

Scherber – Pick 18.12 | Chris Evans, RB, CIN

Round 19

Scherber – Pick 19.01 | Tre’ McKitty, TE, LAC

Sam – Pick 19.06 | Devontae Booker, RB, NYG

If the trend of Saquon’s recent injuries continues Booker could end up being a bell cow back this year.

Ben – Pick 19.09 | Tommy Tremble, TE, CAR

Round 20

Ben – Pick 20.04 | Donovan Peoples-Jones, WR, CLE

Sam – Pick 20.07 | Tyrell Williams, WR, DET

I fully expect Williams to be the WR1 for the Lions. In round 20 it’s worth the upside despite his age.

Scherber – Pick 20.12 | Joshua Kelley, RB, LAC

Round 21

Scherber – Pick 21.01 | Gio Bernard, RB, TB

Gio Bernard late might be a nice pick if he and Brady have a similar rapport to how NE used James White because Brady loves to check down to the RBs especially late in his career.

Sam – Pick 21.06 | Ben Roethlisberger, QB, PIT

Roethlisberger has arguably the best WR trio in the league. For them to produce he has to as well. Depending on how my fantasy season plays out Roethlisberger is possible trade bait for a team making a playoff run.

Ben – Pick 21.09 | Taysom Hill, QB, NO

Just in case…

Round 22

Ben – Pick 22.04 | Donald Parham, TE, LAC

Sam – Pick 22.07 | Tyler Johnson, WR, TB

Johnson is young and in line to step into the slot role for Tampa Bay if/when Godwin leaves next year.

Scherber – Pick 22.12 | Dan Arnold, TE, CAR

Round 23

Scherber – Pick 23.01 | Davis Mills, QB, HOU

Sam – Pick 23.06 | Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB, WAS

The Amish Rifle is picked with the same thinking as Roethlisberger. A late startup pick that could possibly be packaged with another player to get an upgrade at a starting position or to net draft capital from a team making a playoff push.

Ben – Pick 23.09 | Kylen Granson, TE, IND

Round 24

Ben – Pick 24.04 | Brycen Hopkins, TE, LAR

Sam – Pick 24.07 | Jalen Guyton, WR, LAC

Guyton is another young WR with a possibility to take a step forward in a high powered offense.

Scherber – Pick 24.12 | Keelan Cole, WR, JAX

Round 25

Scherber – Pick 25.01 | DeSean Jackson, WR, LAR

Sam – Pick 25.06 | Byron Pringle, WR, KC

Pringle has been getting a ton of hype in OTAs and has a chance at being the WR2 in Kansas City. As a final dart throw he is worth it.

Ben – Pick 25.09 | Jalen Hurd, WR, SF

Final results

That wraps up the draft! Below I’ve posted the final results from each team with the likely starters – including flex/sf in bold. Below that I’ve inserted a table showing the entire draft.

QB: Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, Tua Tagovailoa, Mac Jones, Jordan Love, Davis Mills
RB: Najee Harris, Javonte Williams, Gus Edwards, Chris Evans, Joshua Kelley, Gio Bernard
WR: Jaylen Waddle, Rashod Bateman, Terrace Marshall, Nelson Agholor, Nico Collins, Marvin Jones, Keelan Cole, DeSean Jackson
TE: TJ Hockenson, Pat Freiermuth, Gerald Everett, Tre’ McKitty, Dan Arnold

QB: Dak Prescott, Russel Wilson, Derek Carr, Kyle Trask, Ben Roethlisberger, Ryan Fitzpatrick
RB: Kareem Hunt, James Conner, David Johnson, Ty Johnson, Devontae Booker
WR: Calvin Ridley, Diontae Johnson, Laviska Shenault, Tyler Lockett, Brandin Cooks, Parris Campbell, Jakobi Meyers, Tyrell Williams, Tyler Johnson, Jalen Guyton, Byron Pringle
TE: Darren Waller, Cole Kmet, Anthony Firkser

QB: Kyler Murray, Zach Wilson, Jameis Winston, Kellen Mond, Jared Goff, Taysom Hill
RB: Trey Sermon, Michael Carter, Damien Harris, Elijah Mitchell
WR: DK Metcalf, CeeDee Lamb, DJ Moore, Courtland Sutton, Mike Williams, Bryan Edwards, Dez Fitzpatrick, Donovan Peoples-Jones, Jalen Hurd
TE: Kyle Pitts, Adam Trautman, Tommy Tremble, Donald Parham, Kyler Granson, Brycen Hopkins

Team 1Team 2Team 3BenTeam 5Team 6SamTeam 8Team 9Team 10Team 11Scherber

Patrick Mahomes

Josh Allen

Christian McCaffrey

Kyler Murray

Jonathan Taylor

Justin Herbert

Dak Prescott

Dalvin Cook

Lamar Jackson

Saquon Barkley

Alvin Kamara

Trevor Lawrence

D'Andre Swift

Davante Adams

AJ Brown

DK Metcalf

Nick Chubb

Cam Akers

Russel Wilson

Tyreek Hill

Joe Burrow

Derrick Henry

Justin Jefferson

Justin Fields

Ja'Marr Chase

Aaron Jones

DeAndre Hopkins

CeeDee Lamb

Stefon Diggs

JK Dobbins

Darren Waller

Antonio Gibson

George Kittle

Ezekiel Elliott

Travis Kelce

Najee Harris

Trey Lance

Joe Mixon

Austin Ekeler

Kyle Pitts

Clyde Edwards-Helaire

Terry McLaurin

Calvin Ridley

Travis Etienne

Michael Thomas

Josh Jacobs

Chris Godwin

Javonte Williams

Mike Evans

Deshaun Watson

Ryan Tannehill

DJ Moore

Mark Andrews

Jalen Hurts

Kareem Hunt

David Montgomery

Amari Cooper

Allen Robinson

Miles Sanders

TJ Hockenson

Chris Carson

Keenan Allen

Aaron Rodgers

Zach Wilson

Matthew Stafford

Tee Higgins

Diontae Johnson

Jerry Jeudy

Myles Gaskin

Brandon Aiyuk

Cooper Kupp

Tua Tagovailoa

Chase Claypool

James Robinson

Noah Fant

Courtland Sutton

DJ Chark

Julio Jones

Laviska Shenault

DeVonta Smith

Kenny Golladay

Baker Mayfield

Carson Wentz

Jaylen Waddle

JuJu Smith-Schuster

Robert Woods

Adam Thielen

Trey Sermon

Kirk Cousins

Chase Edmonds

Tyler Lockett

Tom Brady

Odell Beckham

Matt Ryan

Daniel Jones

Rashod Bateman

Irv Smith

AJ Dillon

Mike Davis

Michael Carter

Melvin Gordon

Hunter Henry

Brandin Cooks

Mike Gesicki

Deebo Samuel

Dallas Goedert

Ronald Jones

Mac Jones

Tyler Boyd

Rondale Moore

Michael Pittman

Damien Harris

Elijah Moore

Curtis Samuel

James Conner

Sam Darnold

Leonard Fournette

Robby Anderson

Zach Moss

Terrance Marshall

Michael Gallup

Will Fuller

Jarvis Landry

Jameis Winston

Evan Engram

Marquise Brown

Cole Kmet

Jalen Reagor

Raheem Mostert

Tony Pollard

Robert Tonyan

Pat Freiermuth

Logan Thomas

Amon-Ra St. Brown

Henry Ruggs

Mike Williams

Kadarius Toney

Kenyan Drake

David Johnson

Corey Davis

Jonnu Smith

Darnell Mooney

Nyheim Hines

Jordan Love

Darrell Henderson

Alexander Mattison

Tyler Higbee

Adam Trautman

Chuba Hubbard

Amari Rodgers

Derek Carr

Davante Parker

Denzel Mims

Devin Singletary

Kenneth Gainwell

Gus Edwards

Philip Lindsay

Rob Gronkowski

JD McKissic

Elijah Mitchell

Dyami Brown

Rhamondre Stevenson

Kyle Trask

Austin Hooper

Jamaal Williams

Mecole Hardman

Gabriel Davis

Nelson Agholor

Rashaad Penny

Zach Ertz

Javian Hawkins

Bryan Edwards

Russell Gage

Hayden Hurst

Ty Johnson

Todd Gurley

Tarik Cohen

D'Wayne Eskridge

Antonio Brown

Nico Collins

Latavius Murray

Marlon Mack

Tevin Coleman

Kellen Mond

Ke'Shawn Vaughn

Kylin Hill

Parris Campbell

Jermar Jefferson

Darrynton Evans

Blake Jarwin

TY Hilton

Marvin Jones

OJ Howard

Jared Cook

Brevin Jordan

Jared Goff

Jamison Crowder

Darius Slayton

Anthony Firkser

Tutu Atwell

Cole Beasley

Josh Palmer

Christian Kirk

Gereld Everett

Sterling Shepard

Sammy Watkins

Van Jefferson

Dez Fitzpatrick

Tylan Wallace

Dawson Knox

Jakobi Meyers

John Brown

Anthony Schwartz

Eric Ebron

Sony Michel

Chris Evans

Josh Reynolds

Tre'Quan Smith

Quintez Cephus

Tommy Tremble

AJ Green

KJ Hamler

Devontae Booker

N'Keal Harry

Cornell Powell

Allen Lazard

Chris Herndon

Tre' McKitty

Breshard Perriman

Salvon Ahmed

Hunter Long

Donovan Peoples-Jones

Larry Rountree

Jeff Wilson

Tyrell Williams

David Njoku

Ihmar Smith-Marsette

James White

Jaelen Darden

Joshua Kelley

Hunter Renfrow

Le'Mical Perine

Marques Valdes-Scantling

Taysom Hill

Khalil Herbert

Lynn Bowden

Ben Roethlisberger

Emmanuel Sanders

Noah Gray

Darrel Williams

Gerrid Doaks

Gio Bernard

Malcolm Brown

Kerryon Johnson

Anthony McFarland

Donald Parham

Dalton Schultz

Shi Smith

Tyler Johnson

Anthony Miller

Olamide Zaccheaus

Hunter Bryant

Tim Tebow

Dan Arnold

Tim Patrick

Pooka Williams

Jarrett Patterson

Kylen Granson

Wayne Gallman

Mo Alie-Cox

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Preston Williams

DeeJay Dallas

Kendrick Bourne

Jacob Harris

Davis Mills

Le'Veon Bell

Devin Duvernay

Seth Williams

Brycen Hopkins

Justin Jackson

Boston Scott

Jalen Guyton

Jerick McKinnon

Dazz Newsome

James Washington

Mark Ingram

Keelan Cole

Thaddeus Moss

Damien Williams

Matt Breida

Jalen Hurd

Eno Benjamin

Demarcus Robinson

Byron Pringle

Kene Nwangwu

Tamorrion Terry

Carlos Hyde

Sage Surratt

Deshaun Jackson
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