The ADPs Are Too D*mn Low!

In my previous article I discussed a few players I believed had their ADP (average draft position) a bit too inflated. In this article I will cover a few players I believe have great value at their current ADP. 

While drafting, being able to grab a few players that have huge upside at their current ADP can be the reason you come out ahead. I believe the players listed have a phenomenal chance at helping you become the dominant force in your league!

These rankings are directly from (their July SF rankings specifically).

Chris Godwin (ADP – 60, WR 13)

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Chris Godwin had a pretty average year for himself in 2020. Some poor performances and catching the injury bug can do that. Godwin hasn’t seen his stock totally fall off a cliff, but it has still dropped off enough to be on this list in my opinion.

He could have an absolute monster year playing in an offense led by the GOAT himself (we can discuss the GOAT argument on another date). After a slight struggle to his year, Godwin had a great end to the 2020 campaign (including having some excellent playoff performances). I believe we saw his floor and things are only going to look up from here! 

Daniel Jones (ADP – 69, QB 25)

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Daniel Jones had a pitiful 2020 season. You won’t hear any arguments from this side of the aisle. There are some absolute red flags from 2020 that need to be upended in 2021 for him to find success. Now that we have put that all on the table, let’s discuss some things I like about him and the New York Giants for the 2021 season. 

First off, both his completion percentage and interception rate percentage improved in his second year.

Secondly, he has an improved offensive line (at least through reports) and gets back one of the best RB’s in the league standing alongside him.

Thirdly, the Giants added Kenny Golladay, Kadarius Toney, and John Ross to an extremely thin WR core. I am really liking what the Giants have done around Daniel Jones and think he may have a chance at shocking quite a few people in 2021. Don’t forget that the Giants could have drafted both Mac Jones and Justin Fields, but passed (Now is that because they weren’t fans of either or that they still have faith in Daniel Jones I don’t know)!

Tyler Lockett (ADP – 89, WR 29)

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Tyler Lockett is so underrated. For a guy who was top 15 in targets per game in 2020 to be outside of the top 25 in WR rankings is pretty surprising to me. I get that last year he was thought of as the guy who blew up in certain games and disappeared in others, but come on! Sometimes in fantasy football it’s about the quantity not quality. 

100 catches, 1000 + yards, 10 receiving TD’s absolutely puts him near that WR1 territory for me. He doesn’t miss games and just signed a pretty large four year contract extension. We will continue to see Lockett and Russell Wilson put up big numbers together unless something dramatic happens!

Damien Harris (ADP – 109.75, RB 31)

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If I was a betting man (I am) I would conclude that Damien Harris was going to see the most carries for the New England Patriots in 2021. He performed quite well in 2020 as their starting running back (averaging 5.0 yards per carry in 10 games). I believe he will be given the chance to repeat that performance and will outshine his RB 31 ranking by quite a bit. I’m hopeful that he can improve his pass catching abilities, but even if he can’t, he still will be close to that top 20 RB ranking in my opinion (if healthy). 

I really like his ceiling going into the year and think he could be a steal later in your draft as your RB2 or flex. He proved to us during his years at Alabama that he could be a lead back that produces. I look forward to seeing what he is capable of in 2021.

Mike Williams (ADP – 145.5, WR 55)

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Mike Williams has seen quite the free fall since being drafted 7th overall in the 2017 NFL draft. For a guy who has seen over 1000 yards (in 2019) and 10 touchdowns (2018) in a single season this draft position is seriously nuts. How can people draft guys like Melvin Gordon (ADP – 133.25), Marquise Brown (ADP – 133.25) and Henry Ruggs (ADP – 145) over him? Now I get that he hasn’t lived up to the hype that he initially had being drafted so early, but he still has performed much better than WR 55. This could absolutely be a steal in his current situation. 

Recent reports are saying that he is going to line up as the X receiver (the same spot Michael Thomas has been playing in NO as an example) with Justin Herbert throwing lasers to him. This could end up being a fantastic steal. I am grabbing him in every league I can!

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Which players ADP is too low for you to pass up? Join the conversation and drop us a comment!

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